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    All this time I had it wrong. years and year. My t'pologies to t'lar.
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  2. anh165

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    Apr 4, 2012
    McCoy also didn't know how to apply the Vulcan death pinch properly - I would imagine Spock's memory isn't easily available on tap.

    Give the poor guy a break.
  3. Shawnster

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    Kinda like Picard. He had a major personality shift after getting stabbed by the Nausican. So something dramatic may have happened to Kirk shortly after the Academy. Perhaps whatever happened at Axanar? Or the encounter with the Cloud Creature while on the Farragut?
  4. Kor

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    It just means academy Kirk was straitlaced and by-the-book. He learned to be more of a risk-taker and go-getter as the years went on.

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    Kirk has such an interesting back story for a character that we've seen so little of that, outside of the JJVerse. Kid, who in the novels is kind of a punk, survives genocide, becomes very straightlaced only to go on to become an incredible risk taker who nonetheless carries this value about our apparent need to struggle and suffer. And then throws it all away to see his best friend gets a proper burial/resurrection.
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    How quickly an actor can own a role. I naturally heard Nimoy read the first line, but Peck's voice took over the third. I need to give that young man a little more credit.
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    Why? It's not like McCoy processed every single memory Spock ever had; and after then transfer who knows what (if anything) McCoy remembered. When the katra was in his head McCoy was a hot mess.
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    Well he never knew about his half brother.
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    I'm still trying to figure out this automatic assumption that some are making that if Kirk knew about Michael he would have immediately ordered a course change into her panties, maximum warp. Kirk really wasn't as much of a man-whore as he is sometimes made out to be, and I think it's more of a vicarious wish-fulfillment thing on the part of those that do make him out like that.
  10. Lakenheath 72

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    Sep 28, 2014
    Kirk did not survive a genocide. He survived a massacre. They are two unique things with different motives.

    I do not see Kirk shacking up with Michael. She doesn't seem his type.
  11. Jackson_Roykirk

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    Nah. It was Elton John's Rocket man.

    And because Tilly never gave Kirk back his copy of that record, when it came time for Kirk to perform a lip-sync of it during Talent Night on the Farragut, he instead had to perform his own version.

    ...It didn't go well.
  12. Guy Gardener

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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    McCoy got Spock's memories from Spock's perspective.

    So McCoy didn't think "HOLY SHIT I HAVE A SISTER!!!" he thought "Big deal, I have a brother and a sister."
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  13. SpocksOddSocks

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    Yup. And, didn't retain the memories after the Katra had been transferred.
  14. Jackson_Roykirk

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    There's no need to think that McCoy got those Discovery memories from Spock (or similarly that Picard got them from Sarek).

    In my mind, I can imagine that Spock and Sarek could have successfully locked those memories away behind a mental "firewall" of sorts so that no mind meld would find them.
  15. MoonlightSinatra

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    McCoy like knew from “Remember” to the Fal Tor Pan, then nothing.
    In TFF, he didn’t know Spock had a brother. If he retained Spock’s memories he would have instantly recognized Sybok.