Of Crossovers and Fictional Universes

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    I've always admired the David Kelly-verse. The way all DK's shows are in the same space/time continuum.

    It'd be :cool: to have Quantum Leap back again too:hugegrin:

    QL's Series Finale being open-ended & all.

    Be great to see Scott Bakula & Dean Spockwell reunited:techman:

    Especially after DS's disappointing ENT visit:mad:

    What if Doc Beckett leaped into Cap'n Archer's body?:evil:
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    The story on the Picket Fences, X-Files crossover is up thread. I remember that night well. I was a Picket Fences fan and the cow episode made that show one of my all time favorites. It is on my list of best hour of television

    On the X-Files Sculley and Muldar were in Wisconsin investigating some sort of cult with cows envovled. Then Picket Fences came on. The plot of using cows as surrogate mothers as the Christmas episode was as far out as anything they did. But then the regional FBI agent who had a reoccuring role because of the weird happenings in Rome was called in. And Carter the M.E. suggested asking in a couple of Special Agents who recently worked a case linked with cows somewhere else in the state and I spit out my tea.

    Almost a crossover, but not
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    Oh yeah, I like to think that since Reginald ValJohnson (sp?) played a cop on both "Family Matters" and in "Die Hard" that maybe they were the same guy.
    Imagine John McClane meeting Steve Erkel!
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    Mclane would just have Steve walk in and talk to the terrorists de jure. Either way, he wins.

    BTW, something I just recalled. On a technical level, many of the heroes we regard as early DC actually came from different companies : National and All-American also had differing viewpoints on the war in Europe, prior to Pearl Harbor. So it is that one of the first true crossovers in comics resulted in the creation of the Justice Society!
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    Back to the OP, I think Sigourney Weaver summed up the idea of an Alien / Predator movie the best and most succinctly; "I think it's a horrible idea".

    And she was right.
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    Except when they don't. I seem to recall an episode of Ally McBeal where a character was watching an episode of The Practice. Also, on The Practice, I remember a witness establishing the time of a murder by saying she had to get home to see Boston Public.
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    The movie SWAT is based on the TV show SWAT and the characters are the same ones from the TV show. Yet they also know the SWAT theme song and one of them was even watching the old TV series.

    I'm still waiting for the ultimate CBS crossover where a storyline goes through every single one of their crime dramas -- Cold Case, CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Mentalist, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, CSI, Flashpoint and Numbers.

    Maybe you could even throw in The Unit and Ghost Whisperer.
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    Nov 3, 2005
    I'm inclined to agree, but really its a horrible movie (two movies) not necessarily a horrible idea. It could have worked - it did in the comic.
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    That would be epic. :lol: