Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by FreddyE, Aug 5, 2013.

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    It wasn't the complete Time Stream, it was the Doctor's personal Time Stream... Otherwise it would have been a Rose going Dark Phoenix situation all over again.

    And even then, she didn't wander through out his entire life, well she did, but Clara was following the great intelligence, and if the Great Intelligence did his job right... The Doctor died there at his grave when he was/is 11, so there was no 12 or 13 anymore until Clara fixed everything.
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    I like that idea. Maybe his clothes could change according to his mood? Everytime he steps out of the TARDIS, the weather and his mood gets analysed and nanogenes change his clothing accordingly...maybe even his hairstyle.
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    This is just silly. Smith tried to save everybody - Solomon the Silurian Killer? Mr. Sweet and Mrs. Gilleyflower?

    People don't die in Smith episodes? Just from last series I can name deaths off the top of my head in 10 of the 13 episodes.
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    Is it me or are people pointing to Malcolm Tucker as evidence that Capaldi will be a darker, edgier Doctor, while forgetting that The Thick of It is a comedy?

    He has an impressive range. I really have no idea how he's going to play it.
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    Like I say, people probably expected Eccleston to be darker than he ended up...
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    I still wouldn't mind seeing an unrated segment on the DVD / Blu-Ray where The Doctor curses a blue streak for a minute after regenerating.
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    I'd like Capaldi in a big long dark coat! A long gothic one. Maybe with aturned up collar. You know, a bit like something Dracula would wear. For the rest of the costume, I'd lke it to resemble McGann, the Shalka Doctor, and the Hurt doctor. I cooked this up a while back, but in hindsight, I'd prefer him with silver buttons instead and I wish I did the collar better. And maybe give him boots instead of shoes. Black versions of the boots Tom Baker wore in his last series.

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    And maybe a cute suede handbag.