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    I’m one in the production crew that don’t mind a bit of debate. Honestly we do take positive and negative comments to heart and grow a little with each one. We’ve released several wonderful productions this year alone, to the sound of a pin drop compared to the amount of time and effort that’s gone into them. If a keyboard sparks debate, I’m thinking brilliant, why didn’t I think of that? Over the years Potemkin has become more like working with a very large diverse family, we are all as different as night and day yet there is a lot of respect for each of our strengths. Sometimes we even get a bit defensive with critical comments towards other members.
    I wasn’t happy with Randy filming so soon after a quad heart bypass, even from a thousand miles away its clear how many details he runs around taking care of, fixing on the fly come filming day. Filming on location has it’s own share of unexpected surprises . Many people on BBS have been involved in productions of one sort or another and I’m sure you’ve had your share of challenges to overcome that very few outside the production even know about. People stepped up and did things for the first time with this production and have become better for it. Otherwise I’m thinking the comment wouldn’t have garnered so much response.
    One thing Potemkin does good at. Our people are rarely professionals, they are fans that want to contribute and develop their skills. Other the years we’ve seen artist come, improve their skills and move on to other projects. We cheer for the success of each and every one of them and then rebuild.
    The introductory production of Triton exposes many areas for improvement, stories surrounding diplomatic missions in short busts of time may prove challenging. The keyboard was a lemon, it’s done and we move on but now that it’s been exposed it could prove useful to add some lemonade to our character. Time will tell.
    Merry Christmas everyone and may your New Year inspire each to even greater heights.
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