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    Escapist Trash Presents: Star Trek: Argo

    Escapist Trash plans on taking everything old time radio and the BBC can teach us about doing quality audio productions, and create shows that will appeal to modern audiences. Our first production is Star Trek: Argo, which follows the adventures of Captain Niven Felini and his crew, lost in uncharted space.
    There will be 10 episodes per season, and all of season 1's pdfs will be made available as soon as you are cast. We are fully scripted through Season 2 (episode 20), so there won't be huge delays between episodes. I'd rather have delays between seasons, so that episodes release smoothly and timely.
    I intend to stay scripted, 1 full season ahead of production. Season 3 is fully plotted, and season 4 is outlined. There are no solid plans beyond season 4.

    We are looking for accents! [unless specified, we are open to accents! - This is an audio production, no one can see all money we're (not) spending on make up and CGI, so you have to use your voice to let us know you're not human]

    Main Cast [bios and sample lines available]:
    Captain Niven Felini [M (Caitian) mid 40's]
    Commander Delilah Satyrn [F mid 30's]
    Lieutenant Commander Sigele Biondi [F mid 30's - African accent]
    Doctor Eliisabet “Leesee” D'Varo [F mid 30's - (Romulan) Asian accent]
    Lieutenant Johann Lang [M late 20's - Germanic accent]
    Lieutenant Harrison “Harry” Kurland [M late 20's - American/lite southern accent]

    Main Supporting Cast [bios and sample lines available]:
    Lieutenant Tarsem [M/F & accent open (living machine alien)]
    Ensign Abigail Spark [F - late teens/early 20's]
    Ensign Rick Parker [M - late teens/early 20's]
    the Lady Kurt'ka [F (Klingon) - late 40's]
    Shandr [M (lizard alien) - late 40's - New Yorker accent]
    Doctor Cassian [M (Andorian) late 40's]
    Doctor Reginald Pettiford [M late 40's - Welsh/Irish/Scottish accent]

    Reoccurring Minor Crewman:
    Lieutenant Anton Rogova [M - Mid 20's]
    Technician “Dutchess” Dalbello [F - Mid 20's]
    Doctor Everett Kovacs [M - Mid 40's]
    Lieutenant Larry Neil [M - Mid 30's]
    Delphi [M/F & accent open]
    Ensign Olson [F - Mid 20's]

    Reoccurring Alien Characters [bios and sample lines available]:
    Third Officer Medrox [M (lizard alien) - late 20's - New Yorker accent]
    Lady El-EE-aine [F (fish alien) - late 60's - snooty British accent]
    MollHeeLee [M (jellyfish alien) - Late Night FM DJ]
    Captain Izh-may-el [M (fish alien) - late 30's - snooty British accent]
    Tactical Officer El-highs-zjah [M (fish alien) - late 30's - snooty British accent]
    Commander Hahsh-Rah [F (cat alien) - late 30's - think Eartha Kitt]
    Mother Expectant Rikeyva [F (cat alien) - late teens - think Eartha Kitt]

    Bit Parts needed Season 1 eps 1-10:
    Chief Carlyle [M/F & accent open]
    Technician [M/F & accent open]
    Growvassi 01 [M/F open (living tree alien)]
    Growvassi 02 [M/F open (living tree alien)]
    Growvassi 03 [M/F open (living tree alien)]
    Captain Noonian [M (lizard alien) - late 40's - New Yorker accent]
    Ollian Comm Officer [M/F open (fish alien) - snooty British accent]
    Ollian Science Officer [M/F open (fish alien) - snooty British accent]
    Ollian Helm Officer [M/F open (fish alien) - snooty British accent]
    Growvassi Captain [M (living tree alien)]
    KahzMu Guard [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    KahzMu Medical Officer [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    the Black Lady [F (Klingon) - Dark Goddess]
    Nahn-cee [F (jellyfish alien) - Late Night FM DJ]
    the Waiter [M (lizard alien) - New Yorker accent]
    the Producer [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    Beautician 01 [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    Beautician 02 [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    Beautician 03 [F (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    Lead Commando [M (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    the Doorman [M (cat alien) - think Eartha Kitt]
    Ambassador Deej [M (lizard alien) - late 50's - New Yorker accent]

    Note: The cast will, from time to time, need to record EXTRAS. So for those of you who don't read the entire script, but only search foryour character's name – please also search for “EXTRAS”, and we can pretend we have an even bigger cast!

    Please visit our website:

    Character Bios, their arcs, & audition lines; pdfs of episodes 1&2; as well as more info than anyone could want, can be found here:!castresources/ca54
    Or the direct pdf link:

    Auditions will run from Feb 1, 2015 - March 1, 2015

    We are also looking for Audio Crew to help mix the episodes. Contact information is in the above links.

    Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!
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    You ship looks like my Star Trek pizza cutter. Cool.