Nostalgia of old tv sets

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    Aug 3, 2003
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    Memory can be a funny thing. I don't recall our picture being that bad on average. I recall it usually being quite good. But, of course, it's all relative. What was considered quite good way back when could look like crap compared to what we have now if we could actually revisit the past.
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    Jan 23, 2013
    My brother and I shared an apartment for a while, and I got him accustomed to seeing Laserdisc, thanks to a rental store. On one occasion we rented a VHS from a closer store. I still remember the sound of disgust in his voice, "Ugh! What's wrong with your machine?"

    I explained that nothing was wrong. VHS looked like that. He had grown accustomed to something better. (As a video repair tech, my equipment is typically in very good condition.)
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    Had an old 80's one when I was really little. But the one I really remember is an early 90's Zenith. Thing lasted 12 years :). Solid and had plenty of good tv memories with it. Still miss it :(.
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    Now maybe it is because I still have an old tube television that has served me well for many years. The DVD quality just shows a lot of pixelation.

    I think the folks behind the 2011 THE THING wanted to shoot with anamorphic lenses.

    Maybe its just personal taste, but things can look too slick as well.
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    Absolutely agreed, but I think there is an argument for experiencing various media in the original forms their creators intended -- or at least expected. For example, silent film buffs prefer theatrical screenings with live accompaniment.

    When I do see hi-res TOS, production shortcomings are immediately evident; the seams on Spock's ears, for example. Not that I demand black and white or snow; not at all! (I get more bent out of shape if the frame ratio is changed.)

    It's all good, and hopefully we'll all always be able to pick and choose formats.