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    "Well, Devil take mah soul. Ain't been a 'walker round these parts for... shee-it, time ain't got much meanin' hereabouts, yuh know, but it's musta been a long ol' while since the 'watch was here."

    "We don't have any quarrel with you. We just have to get what we're after, and we'll be gone."

    "Y'all 'walkers don't come to The Shadows no more. Ah reckon y'all are a bit out of your jer-iss-dic-shun."

    "Eternity is our jurisdiction."
  2. Cobalt Frost

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    "Listen up, rookies. Everything dies. And everything that dies goes to the Graveyard. Where they go from there.. well, even we don't know. Our job is to make sure they don't find their way back here..."
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    "Don't forget your mask, kid."

    "Protocols clearly state that no agent is to go into the Graveyard without a mask, and he.. what do I call him, anyway?"

    "Nobody knows his name; leastways, if anybody does, they ain't tellin'. We call him the Vet'ran, but you best just call him 'sir'."

    "But, how can he go into the Graveyard like that? There are reasons we have to wear masks over there."

    "He does it, kid, 'cause ain't nothin' left for the Graveyard to take from him. Best step lively now; he's at the Intersection, an' he don't wait. This bein' your first trip to the Graveyard an' all, you sure as hell don't wanna go without him..."
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    Well, I'm intrigued.