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    With 'The Incredible Hulk' coming to theaters this friday, I thought now would be a good time to post one of my first fan fictions in nearly 5 years. And since it's non-Star Trek related, I hope everyone will still enjoy it.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Marvel Zombies, it's a series of 5-part and one-shot comics about an alternate universe designated 2149. In this universe, a zombified Sentry (from another universe, of all places) lands on Earth-2149 and spreads a virus that turns most of the Marvel heroes into zombies. Although they're now monsters, the heroes maintain their intelligence and former personalities. It's actually an enjoyable series with plenty of surprises around every corner.

    The reason I wrote this fan fiction is because, for some reason, Hulks story was not told. A major player in the entire series, and his zombie origin is not told. What the :evil: ?! I felt our favorite mean, green machine was screwed over. So, I wrote the story for him. And if anyone from Marvel is reading this and want to use it, you are free to do so. So without further ado, here's Marvel Zombies: Hulks Story.


    It started with a flash in the sky, and a ripple through the clouds. The hunger is what brought it here - - and feed it did, until the Marvel Heroes were no more. They were replaced with soulless monsters, driven only by an insatiable hunger for human flesh. And the Incredible Hulk is about to join their ranks. This is no world of Marvel Heroes. This is the world of:

    Hulks Story


    Matt Snyder (doctorwho_03)

    Marvel Zombies, Incredible Hulk, and all related elements copyright Marvel Entertainment Group.
    [LEFT]No one knew who he was or where he came from; all that was known was that he fell from the sky and brought with him a deadly virus, capable of mutating the metahumans of Earth-2149 into the cannibalistic walking dead they were destined to become. The first to fall were the Avengers; Earth's Mightiest Heroes, lead by Colonel America, and from there the contagion spread. Many more heroes, and even some villans, tried with all their might to stop the spread of the virus, but to no avail. Most were either eaten alive, or transformed in more zombies. The situation became worse when Quicksilver, thinking he was rescuing his sister Scarlett Witch, became infected by a zombified Mystique. Using his mutant speed powers, he traversed land and ocean and brought the plague to all corners of the globe. Great Britan, Russia, Japan, the Savage Land, no place on Earth was safe. The human race was facing the very fate it brought to many long gone animal races: extinction.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]But none of that mattered to Dr. Bruce Banner as he watched from a lab window on the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier at the carnage below. His duty now was to find a cure and save the human race that way. He wanted to be down there along side the other members of the Rebellion trying to rescue whats left of mankind, but he knew full well that if ... Him ... was let loose, there would be more bloodshed than is being done already. Bruce new full well the rampant destruction his alter ego would cause, not to mention the many casualties brought on by his gamma-radiated rage. All Bruce could do to keep ... Him... from escaping was to stay calm, keep taking the special sedatives Nick Fury gave him, and focus on the task at hand. Not easy to do when friends and collegues are dying below you.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]BEEEEEEEP. The results of the latest test startled Bruce back to reality and away from the window. The lab he's working in is nothing like the lab he had before the incident that brought ... Him ... into existance. Not to mention he's working along side Reed Richards and Tony Stark, two of the planets most brilliant minds. However, Stark feels escape is a better option, so he's working on a dimensional portal for the survivors to leave this world before the pandemic finishes its work. For a time, Bruce almost believed him, until he saw these latest results. Using test tissue from the live speciman being held in the labs containment chamber, ironically designed to hold ... Him ..., Bruce started using many different types of radiation to kill or neutralize the virus. And these latest results were bringing a smile to his face.
    Bruce switched on the intercom. [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Hey, Richards. You better take a look at this. I think I might have something." [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Silence. [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Richards? You there?" [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Still nothing. Odd. Could be in the bathroom. But then again, the great Reed Richards would rather wet his pants than to leave in the middle of any kind of scientific experiment. Something's wrong. Bruce switched on the video monitor to Reed's lab section. What he saw frightened him to the depths of his very soul. Scorch marks all over the floor. The restraining table overturned and partly squashed. A body in pieces. Blood everywhere. What the hell happened in there? And where was the great Reed Richards?[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Let Hulk out," came a voice inside Bruces head. By a twist of fate and the nature of parallel universes, Bruce is in full contact with ... Him ...; Through any reflective object, Bruce and his alter ego can both see and communicate with each other. Usually their conversations are not pleseant. Today will be no exception. [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Let Hulk Out!" Switching off the video monitor, Bruce came face to face with ... Him. The anxiety builds up when they meet, and Bruce knows it's only a matter of time before his alter ego takes over completely. [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Let Hulk OUT, Puny Banner!" Bruce started frantically searching for the sedatives, but couldn't find them. "You must let Hulk out." [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"I can't. You know full well I can't. The human race needs me." [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Human race needs Hulk! Puny Banner can't do nothing!" [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"I think I've found the cure. If you take over, it might get lost in the wreckage. I must stay as me in order to complete the work." [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Hulk no care about cure! Hulk want to smash zombies to pulp!" [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Listen, you green faced steroid pusher, you've caused enough trouble for me! Because of you, Betty and I can never get married. Because of you, I have to live on the run while her father has his psycho army friends chasing my ass all over the country. And when this crisis is over, I'm doing everything in my power to get rid of you so I can have my life back!"[/LEFT]


    [LEFT]BAMMM! Their arguing is interupted by the sound of something slamming hard into the lab door. Something strong and possibly fierce. Then from behind the door comes a familiar voice; "Oh Brucie! Can Hulkie come out to plaaaaaay!?" Ben Grimm, aka The Thing of the Fantastic Four, was trying to smash the door in. For whatever reason, he sounds like he's looking for a fight. And Bruce knew he didn't stand a chance. But.....[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Puny Banner needs Hulk, and Puny Banner knows it."[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Bruce turns back to the video monitor as Grimms pounding continues on the steel door. A sizable dent is now forming along the seam, and it won't be long until he smashes completely through.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"I'll make you a deal. I let you take care of this, and you let me continue with my work. Right now, the human race needs both of us."[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Hulk nods his head in agreement. After years of fighting each other, Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk are finally working together. In their minds, the two of them shake hands, and the switch transformation commences. Muscles bulge and enlarge, clothing rips and shreds, skin pigment alters, a primordial roar, and the Hulk is now standing where Dr. Bruce Banner once stood, while Bruce is now inside the video monitor reflection, an observer of the grudge match to come.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Go get him, big guy!"[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Hulk smiles and nods. Just then, the four inch steel door goes flying off its hinges and over the green behemoths head as he ducks out of the way. And in walks the orange mass of rocky muscle formerly known as the Thing, but is now a walking pile of decaying flesh, looking for his next meal, which is standing before him in purple pants.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrre's Grimmy!!!"[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Hulk lets out another primordial roar at his opponent, and gets ready to attack the zombie.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Oh, this is gonna be fun! Bring it on, freak!"[/LEFT]


    [LEFT]And with that, the two behemoths launch towards each other, and Hulk gets the the first punch by bringing a right hook right into Grimms blood covered face and sending him to the far side of the lab, smashing into a table of test tubs and bunsen burners. As Grimm staggers back to his feet,. Hulk grabs him from behind and chokes him in a bear hug. Grimm slams his left elbow into the emerald giants gut, and smacks a right fist into his face, sending Hulk staggering back toward a row of computer banks. The two of them lock fists and try to push one another to the floor. Hulk breaks the lock and headbutts Grimm in the gut, sending him slamming into the containment chamber and falling to the floor. Hulk launches into the air and send a piledriver right into Grimms chest, but Grimm gets the upper hand when he grabs Hulk and tosses him over his head and into the containment chamber control panel. Failsafes fail and sparks fly off the panel, but Hulk doesn't care as he jumps up and bodyslams Grimm from behind. The two titans continue the epic battle as the chambers protective shielding turns off. Hulk finally pins Grimm to the floor and is about to pummel his face to a bloody mess when the alarm activates as the chamber opens.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Hulk and Grimm stare at the chamber door that hisses open like a spaceship airlock. Out steps the speciman Bruce was taking samples from. Looking more decayed than when he first got here, the zombie looked on at the two behemoths. His superhero suit, once a brilliant yellow and turquise, now dirty and ripped at the chest. His belt with the glowing S on it, covered with blood from his victims. In another universe, he was known as Sentry. Here, he is the cause of the plague sweeping the planet at this very moment. And Grimm sees his chance to take down his opponent.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]A right hook to the face sends Hulk staggering back and away from Grimm, who gets up and grabs the green behemoth from behind, pinning his arms at his sides. Hulk tries to struggle free, but Grimm is locked tight.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"Oh, quit your squirming. It'll all be over in a minute." Grimm turns the Hulk toward Sentry. "Dinner is served, master."[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]Sentry moves closer toward the giants and sniffs the air. "I smell blood; uninfected blood. I hunger, and now I'll feast!"[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]And like Dracula sucking the blood from is victims, Sentry sinks his teeth into Hulks left shoulder. And the emerald giant lets out as scream the likes of which has never been heard before. And from somewhere deep, an extra boost of adrenaline kicks in, giving him the strength he needs to break free from his captors, who get sent flying to opposite sides of the lab by the shockwave of power erupting throughout his body.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]As Sentry staggers back to his feet, he doesn't notice the green hand engulfing his head, smashing it into a bloody pulp, and the green fingers crunching into his chest. With Sentrys body in hand, Hulk goes on a bloody rampage throughout the lab, smashing the body into anything and everything. The blood and guts fly everywhere along with pieces of computers, test tubs, video monitors, and other science paraphinalia. Finally, Hulk throws the body, which splits in half through the chest area, back into the containment chamber. He releases the rest of it out of his hand, which splats to the floor. He just stands there, breathing heavily, and he turns toward Grimm, who has just gotten back on his feet. The Hulk starts moving toward Grimm, intend on doing the same thing to him, when he stared getting dizzy and staggers to his knees. Grimm looks down at Hulk and smiles, knowing full well what's happening. Hulk grabs his stomach and lets out a terrible scream. Two screams. Then finally, pucks his guts out. The Hulk starts getting back up, breathing very heavily. When he's finally back on his feet, he opens his eyes; what was once emerald green eyes are now dead white. And only one thought is going through his head.[/LEFT]


    [LEFT]Grimm smiles at the new recruit to the zombie team. "Welcome to the club, brother."[/LEFT]
    [LEFT]It took only minutes to devour all the humans on the helicarrier. The heroes that weren't devoured either escaped or were zombified. And some of those heroes were now gathered in sector seventeen, level thiry, where the remains of Nick Fury lay strewn about the floor, mingling with broken components of the dimensional portal Tony Stark was building before succumbing to the virus. And judging from the mess, the zombies had a marvelous feast. The former Fantastic Four, Storm, Nightcrawler, Stephen Strange, Thor, and Colossus look toward their leader, and Grimm askes the question on all of their minds.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"What now?" [/LEFT]

    [LEFT]The former Reed Richards turns toward his former teammate. Driven mad by the loss of his children at the hands of a zombified She-Hulk, the former scientist believed the infection was the next step in human evolution. He deliberately infected the other members of the FF, who in turn infected him. And the rest is history.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"What do we do now? We take what's left of this machine back to the Baxter Building. We rebuild it and get to work on finding another dimension. We're going to be out of food soon, and besides...[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]"...it's our responsibility to spread the gospel."[/LEFT]
    The Beginning
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