Nominations for the 2nd Annual Goldem Gormaganders

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    I'm not waiting until the two animated Short Treks are released. Without any firm release dates, we could be waiting for a while.

    So, without further ado, here are the categories you can nominate for. But here are the rules first.

    The Rules
    1. You can only make one nomination per category.

    2. You don't have to vote for every category in the same post (you can break it up), but you can only vote for each category once.

    3. You are not allowed to edit (or change) your nominations, once you make them. Posts that have been edited will have all nominations in them disqualified. If you have typos, just leave them.

    The cut-off for nominations in each category will be June 25th, 2019 @11:59pm EDT.

    Part I: Main Categories
    1. Best Actor
    2. Best Antagonist
    3. Best Character Scene
    4. Best Couple
    5. Best Death
    6. Best Episode
    7. Best Line
    8. Best Main Character
    9. Best Scene
    10. Best Supporting Character
    11. Best Tie-In to Short Treks
    12. Best Short Trek
    13. Most Improved Character from Season One
    14. Best Michael Monologue
    15. Best Writer
    16. Best Director

    Part II: Made for the Moment
    17. Best Character Moment
    18. Best Fight
    19. Best Plot Point
    20. Best Tilly Moment
    21. Best Weird-Out Moment
    22. Best Flashback Scene
    23. Best Secondary Character Moment/Line
    24. Best MU Georgiou Is Awesome Moment
    25. Biggest "I'm Not Crying, It's Just Dilithium In My Eyes" Scene
    26. Sassiest Saru Moment
    27. Best Bechdel Test Passing Scene
    28. Most Space Daddy Pike Moment
    29. Biggest Misdirect
    30. Coolest Command Order
    31. Funniest Scene
    32. Best "This Is Why I'm the Main Character" Moment for Michael Burnham

    Part III: Props, Costumes, & Design
    33. Coolest Hair
    34. Coolest Facial Hair
    35. Best Make-Up
    36. Best New Design
    37. Best New Old Design
    38. Best Costume

    Part IV: Technical
    39. Best Ship-to-Ship Battle
    40. Best Special Effect
    41. Best Sound Effect
    42. Best Use of Technobabble

    Part V: Kicking It Old School
    43. Best Traditionally Star Trek Moment or Scene
    44. Best Canon Alignment
    45. Best Homage/Callback
    46. Best TOS Link/Callback
    47. Best Character Imported from TOS

    Let the nominating begin!
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