New Warning/Ban Structure

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by T'Bonz, Sep 1, 2007.

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    We are tightening up the warning/ban rules.

    Former: 2 warnings in one week = 1 day ban.
    New: 2 warnings in one week = 1 WEEK ban.

    Former: 4 warnings in one month = 1 week ban.
    New: 4 warnings in one month = 1 MONTH ban.

    Former: 6 warnings in three months = 1 month ban.
    New: 6 warnings in three months = TWO month ban.

    New: 10 warnings in one contiguous year (beginning from the first warning) = permaban with no Bonz "second chance" return.

    If you get that many warnings in one year, obviously you don't care about the rules.

    The only carry-over from the old system is that if you already have had two one-month bans from January 1st of this year, the third one between now and December will trip the permaban.

    The rest will start from now.

    The rules will be updated to reflect these as soon as AntonyF can get to it. In the meanwhile, this will be stickied for reference.

    Poster comment #1: That's too strict!
    My answer: Not really. I've not had a warning in 5 years. I have an evil temper. If I can avoid warnings, anyone else can do so.

    We've been rather lenient and have a problem with repeat offenders. This should take care of that. In all honesty, a 1 day for two warnings in one week doesn't really hurt. Many miss a day online without being warned, so it's not something that is painful enough to avoid engaging in behaviors.

    Two more changes to come. Stay tuned. You may comment on this in the QSF thread.