New Marvel Ghost Rider and Helstrom series coming to Hulu

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by JD, May 1, 2019.

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    It makes absolutely no sense to go with the Alejandra Jones GR. But, since the website linked is basically always shown to be full of shit, I'll believe it when an at least semi-reputable website talks about it, and not before.
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    I haven't read the link here, but the Alejandra Jones rumor I read said she would appear in Multiverse of Madness as a GR in an alternate reality. So given the obvious assumption that such an appearance would be a one-off cameo not designed to launch a solo franchise, I can absolutely see them going for a much lesser known character and also turning some heads with the idea of a female Ghost Rider.

    They can still always have Blaze star in his own movie or show. And if she turns out to be wildly popular, they can bring her into the main reality in some other project.
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    That would make a bit more sense.
    I wonder if the loss of Ghost Rider is going effect Helstrom? The original announcement made it sound like they were going to be connected.
    Obviously this is early enough to make any necessary changes, so it's not a bit deal, but I could see it requiring a bit of story shifting if they were supposed to lead to a crossover at some point.
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    There are casual moviegoers who'll see Ghost Rider and get excited, but I doubt very many of them know who Johnny Blaze is or would care if he's the Ghost Rider they get on screen.

    As for Helstrom, if rumors of all TV development being moved under the purview of Marvel Studios are true, I'd expect to hear news of its cancellation in the near future.
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    cast announced

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    I have to admit that my enthusiasm for Helstrom has diminished since they announced that Ghost Rider wasn't moving forward.