News New Limited-Edition Borg Cube ITX PC

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    Dec 24, 2002
    A new news article has been published at TrekToday:

    A new officially-licensed small Star Trek Borg Cube computer case PC, eight inches cubed, is now available from Cherry Tree. Here is...

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    Great, I can put it right next to that Lenovo USS Enterprise computer which was announced almost a year ago as "coming soon" but apparently still isn't available for purchase.

    It looks like Cherry Tree is already taking pre-orders for this one, though.

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  3. Tuskin38

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    Jul 24, 2011
    They also had a 'Picard' Borg cube case at STLV.
  4. Qonundrum

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    May 18, 2017
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    So people didn't ask:

    "If too much heat is produced, will the case bow and warp?"

    "What's the maximum size PSU available? And the brand of it? Some brands put out much cleaner electricity to the components for a longer lifespan and if the wattage available is less than what is needed, it will overheat or worse depending on the amount needed above what's available."

    "Can those output fans keep enough air flowing away from the components to keep ambient temperature under load low enough so that the CPU also remains under 65C as it's the biggest contributor to heat generation?"

    "Are the Noctura fans sleeve-bearing or ball-bearing? Double ball-bearing?"

    "The copper tubes at the corners don't appear to be connected directly to the CPU heatink as well, so they're not heat pipes?"

    "Any place for a proper watercooling radiator, which sadly looks more Borg-like than a lot of this case? It's a bit mundane, not very articulated for the price? Or functional without spending enough money to just be better off buying a ATX system if needed; who's the target market - people who want to push email and retrieve loads of adware?"

    "How come the video card I want for my gaming is 11.8" long and does a better job at processing and temperature control but your case can't support it?"

    "Won't the polycarbonate translucent model will yellow due to UV lighting over a few years? With the LED set to blue I wonder how much faster some parts of the chassis will discolor? Should I keep the case as far under the desk and away from windows and then treat the windows with a UV blocker for best longevity of this case?"

    "Why does it say 'third drive'? Why not go all the way and say 'tertiary storage unit', 'secondary', and so on? :razz:"

    "$799 for a full configuration? Why not $718?"