New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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  1. Josan

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    Feb 11, 2007
    London, Canada
    Demonland, whoa! You've been going crazy Down Under, getting all those shipped to you. And you've got all five new Daleks? I didn't even think there'd been an official release for all five. Some of those repaints?
  2. Demonland

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    Jun 20, 2001
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    I had a friend of mine repaint the White, Blue and Yellow one as i had the Red and Orange one.

    As for the TARDISes, I couldn't resist. I had to have them all much to the :rolleyes: of my wife and the :( of my wallet.
  3. Josan

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    Feb 11, 2007
    London, Canada
    The only Tardis I don't have is the Seventh Doctor's. At first I thought I could do without but lately, I've been really missing it on the shelf. Rumour is that at some point, NA will see a re-release since retailers here only received about 20% of what was already committed to advance orders...

    One can hope.
  4. Chris3123

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    Jul 31, 2001
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    We do now. :techman:
  5. diankra

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    Jun 22, 2005

    Ok, like that. Thought we were onl;y going to get an Imperial Dalek in the white-coated 7th Doctor pair, (which i just couldn't be bothere to buy).

    What's left (and interesting), Dalek-wise? The Evil Emperor, obviously, standard issue late 60s Dalek, glass Dalek... anything else?
  6. Worf2DS9

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    Aug 15, 2001
    Canada, eh
    That's cool, though I think Eight's actual TARDIS is a closer match to the one you have Seven posing with, rather than Nine/Ten's.


    And now that I see the Eight figure up close, I'm thinking the likeness could have been a bit closer. Although maybe now that the legal nonsense with the TVM appears to be cleared up, we'll get a new variant with a face that actually looks like McGann. :D The overall look is great though.
  7. Worf2DS9

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    Aug 15, 2001
    Canada, eh
    Finally picked up my Amy figure from the post office today. Overall, I quite like her, though initially I thought something was lacking in the face. Karen Gillan has a very expressive face, particularly her often-wide-in-amazement-or-fright eyes, while the figure's eyes lack any vibrancy. Also, the paint job on the boots was a bit sloppy near the top, as some of the brown paint strayed onto her legs.

    And speaking of legs (yes, I'm going to mention it again), I still wish they'd left off the knee joints. Talk about a case of knobby knees! :D The detailing on the figure is also quite good, with the jacket and boots stand-outs in that regard. I also thought it was clever how they sort of hid the split at the neck with the painted gold necklace. You really can't tell it's there at all.

    Finally, I couldn't not look under her skirt, and the paint job down there makes it look like she's wearing black panties. :lol: :bolian:

    Here's a pic I took earlier, with Amy joining the Doctor outside the TARDIS:

  8. Starkers

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    Apr 22, 2001
    Behind Enemy Lines
    I love how they're all looking mean except for the white Dalek who appears to be distracted.

    "Ooh a butterfly!":lol:
  9. Josan

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    Feb 11, 2007
    London, Canada
    Sure. They just had to come up with a new Dalek set. Now I sort of have to order it. Damn them.

    And Worf, I completely agree about the likeness with the Eighth Doctor being somewhat lacking. I'm hoping for a single release myself. Don't know if they'll but the effort into a re-sculpt of the face but I want one simple because he's the only Doctor that hasn't been released outside of the 11 Doctors set and I've already got all the others. I'd like to put my Eighth back in the set (he's the only one I took out) and have a different one on the display shelf.
  10. The

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    Apr 12, 2006
    :guffaw: The sign of a true collector! :guffaw: :techman:

    Let's see, what have I bought so far...

    • 1st Doctor (Color w/original Dalek)

    • 1st Doctor (Unearthly Child variant)

    • 2nd Doctor (Color w/TOMB Cyberman)

    • 3rd Doctor (w/silver Dalek)

    • 4th Doctor (x2)
    • 4th Doctor (w/Classic TARDIS)

    • 5th Doctor (sans celery, x2)
    • 5th Doctor (Time Crash Variant w/celery)
    • Castrovalva Regen Figure in Tom's outfit
    • 5th Doctor (w/hat Planet of Fire variant)

    • 6th Doctor (x2)
    • 6th Doctor (Blue 'Real Time' variant)
    • 6th Doctor (Androzani regeneration variant)

    • 7th Doctor (White coat w/white Dalek)
    • 7th Doctor (Brown coat w/Classic TARDIS)
    • 7th Doctor (Serious/No Hat / from 11 Doc set / bought loose on eBay)

    • 8th Doctor (11 Doctor's Set / bought loose on eBay)

    • 9th Doctor
    • 9th Doctor (Green Jumper variant)

    • 10th Doctor
    • 10th Doctor (TimeCrash variant w/blue suit)

    • 11th Doctor (regeneration outfit)
    • 11th Doctor
    • 11th Doctor (Raggedy Doctor)

    • Gold Dalek
    • Sarah-Jane Smith & K-9 set
    • Captain Jack Harkness (in trenchcoat and gun)
    • Time Lord
    • The K-1 ROBOT
    • Cyberman (Tenth Planet)
    • Cyberman (Invasion of the Cybermen)
    • Cyberman (Earthshock)
    • The Master (Anthony Ainley/Planet of Fire)

    • Tom's Classic TARDIS
    • Syl's Classic TARDIS
    • Tennant's electronic TARDIS

    • 9th/10th TARDIS Console Room playset

    • Police Box Cookie Jar
    What do I still want?
    The Master (Roger Delgado)
    The new Dalek set w/the Special Weapons Dalek
    The 'Soldier' Dalek in green camo
    The 11 Doctors Set
    What do I hope for?
    Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
    Some UNIT soldiers
    Susan Foreman
    Jamie McCrimmon
    Jo Grant
    Dr. Harry Sullivan
    Romana I
    Romana II
    Eric Robert's 'Master'
    4th Doctor in Talons of Weng-Chiang gear
    5th Doctor in Black Orchid outfit
    3rd Doctor w/Bessie Set
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  11. Josan

    Josan Commodore Commodore

    Feb 11, 2007
    London, Canada
    Your Doctor collection and mine are quite similar.

    First Doctor (colour) with Dalek
    UC First Doctor (sold)
    UC First Doctor with Tardis
    First Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Second Doctor (colour) with Tomb Cyberman
    Second Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Third Doctor with Sea Devil
    Third Doctor with Dalek
    Third Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Fourth Doctor x3
    Fourth Doctor PoM variant
    Fourth Doctor with Tardis
    Fourth Doctor 11 Doctor set variant

    Fifth Doctor Time Crash variant
    Fifth Doctor with hat PoF variant
    Fifth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Sixth Doctor
    Sixth Doctor Real Time Blue variant
    Sixth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Seventh Doctor with Dalek
    Seventh Doctor with Tardis
    Seventh Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Eighth Doctor 11 Doctors set

    Ninth Doctor SDCC green jumper
    Ninth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Tenth Doctor brown trenchcoat
    Tenth Doctor Time Crash variant
    Tenth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

    Eleventh Doctor Crash set
    Eleventh Doctor 11 Doctors set

    That's a lot of Doctors. Plus I've got the Ninth/Tenth FC Tardis, the Eleventh FC Tardis (which is just a bloody repaint so I don't know why they were to cheap to include the interior lights...) so that's five versions of the Tardis and the Ninth/Tenth playset.

    And then there's my Dalek collection and my classic Cybermen collection and the various monsters from the two classic waves and my various new series figures and... a rough tally means... I've got far too many toys.

    The, is it possible we're all just obsessed with recapturing our childhoods? Or are we just geeks? ;)
  12. The

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    Apr 12, 2006
    I'd say a little from column A, and little from column B. ;) :lol: I'd only be worried if I actually "played" with them, instead of standing them in place like an idol or worship totem.

    Personally, I have always lived with the promise I made myself as a child that, one day...even if I had to have them individually created myself....I would have figures or statues of every Doctor. I'm just fulfilling my obligations to that twelve-year-old that demands it. ;)

    Also, I love being able to walk into my office, and be able to scan all The Doctors in the console room. Like a 3-d poster, or something... :techman:
  13. Whofan

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    Sep 2, 2010
    The glass Dalek would be interesting-there's plenty of 'clear' figure variants out there (although none that I'm aware of for Who). Although the disembodied head/Dalek mutant might be difficult for various reasons.

    I'm suprised we don't have any Dalek Emperors. We've got plenty of Supremes.

    There's three variants of the Emperor seen in the series:

    -The big one from Evil of the Daleks. But you'd probably have to do the entire set around him too.

    -The small Davros one from Rememberance of the Daleks. Could have a lid that can open to reveal Davros.

    -Of course the big new series one. Anyone know how well the deluxe figures of the Reaper/Face of Boe/Racnoss have sold? This would have to be even larger possibly.

    I also don't think there's a Revelation of the Daleks Dalek out there either (They look the same color as the Imperials but are different cosmetically). Maybe a future box set, with Terry Molloy style Davros, the Davros 'great healer' head, that Dalek and the glass Dalek is possible.
  14. Worf2DS9

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    Aug 15, 2001
    Canada, eh
    I've seen a close-up shot of the prototype 8th Doc figure, and it looks more like McGann than the final thing.

    But you know, if they came out with an "8th Doctor with TARDIS" set like some of the other classic Docs have gotten, I'd consider getting that.
  15. Classic Fan

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    Jan 20, 2003
    Tardis library
    I had a look at the 11 Doctors set in a local Smyths store, and to be honest, i loved the set apart from Eight. Just doesnt, well, have the same attention to detail as the others do.

    I too, was disapointed.

    Oh, and i picked up an Amy from our debenhams aswel, it was on the xmas gift stand in a doctor who section, 25% off. Not bad. :cool:
  16. The

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    Apr 12, 2006
    See, I couldn't disagree more about McGann. Sure, he's about as close to Paul as Tom's smiling head is to Tom (I mean, how hard is it to get Baker's famous smile down? There's plenty of pics to go by). But, McGann's eyes are almost luminescent in certain respects, and it's because of this that it nails McGann for me. Paul's Doc has those wide, bright, distinct, alien eyes. The figure draws your attention to the eyes, and I find that it's pretty close match. Enough for me to say, yeah, that's the 8th Doctor...
  17. ClayinCA

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    Nov 3, 2005
    Hmmm, interesting!

    Not sure if I agree about a couple of those (when the Season 18 Baker/K9 set comes out, we'll have had four Fourth Doctor figures, and it seems like that should be enough), but I definitely agree about your Davison suggestions, and I demand a TV Movie McCoy figure.

    Other thoughts for variant Doctors:

    • "Unaired pilot" Hartnell Doctor, with spectacles/different costume
    • Androgum Troughton - from "The Two Doctors"
    • Sixth Doctor - Seville outfit from "The Two Doctors"
    • Ninth Doctor - formalwear version from "Titanic" photo (OK, I'm being slightly less than serious about this one :p)
    • Eleventh Doctor: formalwear with top hat, from Amy's wedding (and yes, I *am* serious about this one)
    • Eleventh Doctor: "The Big Bang" version with fez and mop

    Couldn't really think of any more Pertwee or Tennant variants, as there are already three or four each of those out there as well, and I think you've got the Davison and McCoy necessaries pretty well sorted.
  18. The

    The Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Apr 12, 2006
    Here's another list I'd like to see:
    Hartnell, without coat, from end of Unearthly Child

    Troughton, older, greyer, from The Two Doctors

    Pertwee, random variant outfit with Bessie set

    Tom in Talons of Weng-Chiang gear

    Peter in suspenders outfit from Planet of Fire (as suggested)

    Colin in his Seville outfit from The Two Doctors (as suggested)
    Colin in whatever outfit Colin Baker himself would design for his Doctor (limited variant)

    Sylvester from TV movie (as suggested)
    Syl in whatever outfit Sylvester himself would design for his Doctor (limited variant)

    McGann is open territory for a multitude of imaginative variants

    Eccleston in Titanic outfit (as suggested)
    Eccleston in tattered McGann 'Time War' Regen Outfit

    Tennant in 'Arthur Dent'-mode circa The Christmas Invasion

    Smith with mop and fez
    Smith in tux (as suggested)

    Ainley in his black velvet attire

    Eric Roberts Master in leather 'Terminator' look from TV Movie/Enemy Within
    Roberts in Gallifreyan Robes from TV Movie/Enemy Within

    Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (from Pertwee era)
    Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (black and white variant from Invasion)

    Sgt. Benton (from Pertwee era)
  19. diankra

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    Jun 22, 2005
    Really, how many variants of the Doctors do we need?
    Much as I love Hartnell, I'm not going to buy 1st Doctor in Aztec clothes, in monk-habit from the Time Meddler, toga from the Romans, atmospheric density jacket from Web Planet, borrowed robes from the Crusade... Hartnell changed out of his standard costume an awful lot!
    And then you could add in Pertwee in jeans and t-shirt from season seven.
    Some variants are nice... but the TNG figures reached the point where they came pretty close to putting out 'Picard with coffee stain on his uniform, from Q Who?', and I don't want Who to go that way. The 'Ghostbuster' Tennant was already bad enough.
  20. The

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    Apr 12, 2006
    Then don't! What's the harm of allowing others the opportunity to do so? Who does it harm? :wtf:

    No, I disagree. Variety allows options, and no one is forcing you to buy it...