New Ferenginar

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    DaiMon Rok sat in the captain's chair frowning. It had been 121 years since the last time the Ferengi had been at war. Back then it was common for a DaiMon to use his ship to attack underdeveloped planets were the indigent species had no chance of resistance against Ferengi War Crafts in order to restock on supplies and also to plunder for profit in order to pay ones crew in order to stay loyal in times of war. Killing was the bigger means for profit than mere business and he felt what they were about to do was like going back to those dark times.

    The times had changed though. It had been 20 years since Grand Nagus Rom had taken over and the reforms had taken place. While even a old profit grabber like Rok hated to admit it most of those reforms had been for the better. Even helping his son who was born with mental stability issues find proper medical care. He still ached a little in his 80 year old bones for the thriving thrust of unchecked greed he had lived most of his life embracing. That and war is why he was having mixed feelings on the attack of New Ferenginar.

    The New Ferenginar,Ferengi were just like he use to be, Greedy and all for exploitation. Refusing to except that you can still make profit in the new system and forgoing their citizenships in order to form their new world that resembled their old. Nagus Brunt was a hardcore Rules of Acquisition traditionist . He hid his natural cowardly personality behind a slew of former DaiMons who had went with him to form this new world but unlike him had the skill and lobes for real profit. They had even been able to make a mark on the Alpha Quadrant in terms of being a reliable source of providing needed goods and services to some outer rim worlds that usually weren't major players in the Alpha Quadrant economy.

    "Sir were approaching, New Ferenginar. Should we drop the cloak and deliver the payload?" The Deke at comm said. Rok stood up from his chair and looked around at his crew.. Most of them young Deke's but with First Officer Sawra being the only one really with much space faring experience. She had ran her own shipping freighter before the attack on the Ruvok City killing the FIrst Female and both his and her sons and the Grand Nagus' brother, which led to the Declaration of War on New Ferenginar 2 years ago.

    "Damon" she smiled but a smile that was forced "The Nagus is going to reward you handsomely for this" He shook his head. "I know, I know" he replied. "I just wish it hadn't come from this. I never though I would look at the prospect of Latinum, with such dread." Sawra said nothing. She didn't want to admit it but felt the same. She wasn't about to say it out loud though. Talking bad about profit still felt like a slur and gross, even in times like this.

    "Launch it" Rok said with intensity. The Deke at the comm pushed the necessary buttons. The right panel on the right turned all red. and he said "Payload now released!" The Payload was a self guided photon torpedo developed by eager engineers 5 years ago that would hit any target without being detected because it was cloaked. It' had the destructive power of 20 photon torpedo's. Rok looked at "New Ferenginar" on the viewscreen and kept looking and kept looking and kept looking and then it hit! Instantly you could see a dust cloud rise up to a point it would even be visibly noticeable from their distance. Rok gasped as he realized he had just killed at least 50% of the people on the planet.

    I will work on the rest of the story later. I was wanting to add this for the new invasion contest.

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    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
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    You spelled DaiMon incorrectly.
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    Thanks. Went and fixed it.

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    This sounds familiar.
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    Maybe use "grotesque slur" instead of "a slur and gross" as TBH the latter sounds more like something a teen would say, rather than an 80yr old captain.

    The concept is great though - and the scenario certainly sounds like a logical outcome of Rom's reformations. :)