Neal Stephenson and Hannu Rajaniemi

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    Sorry, thought we had a separate non-Trek book section on the forum, but apparently not, so guess it gets put here, too!

    A while back I linked to the interview I did with Vonda N McIntyre earlier in the year, and mentioned I had some other stuff coming up, and a couple of folks expressed interest.

    The interviews with Neal and Hannu are now both live, both talking about their work in general, but Hannu also specifically about his new novel The Fractal Prince, released in the UK via Gollancz this week and Stateside via Tor in the hopefully not too distant future.

    You can find them in the features section at

    Not transcribed yet, but coming soon are three times Arthur C Clarke award winner China Mieville and this years winner, Jane Rogers.

    Got a couple more events coming up, but until arrangements are finalised and I've got the file on my laptop ready to type it up, I'll keep those under my hat.

    Please stop by and enjoy! :)