NBA Season 2021-2022 The Year of the Prodigal Son(s)

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    Those Prodigal Sons being, Ben Simmons of the 76ers, and Kyrie Irving of the Nets.

    Ben Simmons, who’s holding out because of hurt feeling, has been hurt by fans and management’s dissatisfaction with Ben’s inability to adequately perform some very basic job requirements. Appears that Ben may be on his way back into the fold.

    Kyrie Irving of the Nets is holding out based on his belief that COVID vaccines are poison. Check that, this is what he WAS saying. Now he’s saying that he is fighting for the rights of others to endanger themselves, their families, and others, or something. Nah, he’s an idiot whose actions are based solely on selfishness, stupidity, ego, etc. Nets have put the onus on him, saying that he can only practice and play if he complies with city COVID protocols. Your move Kyrie.

    Got lots more to say. Regular season starts October 19. Looking forward to it.