My Aborted Enterprise Deck Plans

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Albertese, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Some time ago I started an Enterprise deck plan project. I started with deck 5 and only got this far before I reevaluated my entire process and decided it was all hopelessly wrong and started over. I have no earthly idea when I'll have anything to show of the revised plans (no time soon I guarentee) but I thought I might show at least what I did do on my old thought process.
    There are only a few things I'm keeping from this version into the next:

    1. The lifeboats (all those red squares) but in a slightly different arrangement. These corospond to the darker area on the ship's upper hull. When I was a kid and first noticed this color difference my first thought was "lifeboats"! But I'm not alone, I know CRA had a similar thought for his plans.

    2. The crew quarters which for my money are those longer cabins which are supposed to have six bunks per room (252 beds on this drawing if I'm counting right, not counting officer's quarters.) My goal is to have space for a whole crew of 430 plus beds for 100+ passengers. There's no way without shareing a room...

    3. You may recognise the engine room set on here twice (at roughly 1:00 and 4:00). I'm taking the idea of multiple engine rooms to reckless extremes. I cast the V-8 from hell behind the grill as a power distribution gadget rather than part of the propultion system. So far I havn't seen anything on the show which this explicitly contradicts but I may yet be proved wrong. BTW this is meant to be the 1st season room without the island equipment in the middle of the set.

    Oh well. Here's as far as I got in my old line of thinking. YMMV but comments are welcome...

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    Cool stuff!