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    Feb 27, 2020
    So, I've been on a sort of minecraft binge, and I remembered that I had downloaded some empty models of ships from Planetminecraft a billion years ago. So long ago that their file format is unreadable (.schematic) and trying to convert them through worldedit and so didn't work. So, I decided...well, I'll just make it myself, and the Daedalus class caught my eye as the one I like the most so far, and so....




    This is what I've churned out so far with a 21 meter diameter secondary hull, 35 meter diameter command hull, and 80 meter long odd nacelles.

    Reading up on the Daedalus, there's some back and forth on how such a small ship could have 230 crew, and decided to model the interior a tad.

    This ran to the immediate problem that Minecraft, or any voxel game really, suffers when it comes to dimensions a tad. Every block is 1x1 M; including walls. This led to incredibly cramped hallways and rooms inside, which would be somewhat more tolerable in real life or even with a better mapper/modeler.


    One can still fit like, 66 guys or more into quarters, recreation/eating areas, and cleaning areas amidst the antimatter bottles, engineering, fuel and gases and water stuffed into the non-usable curved spaces, cargo bay, shuttle bay (with, I'm guessing, two shuttles barely 10m by 3m by 5m and two workbees), life support, damage control... Especially again if we just imagine thin walls and modern beds and of course, most people off-duty on their personal electronics....


    I think, too, I could extend the secondary hull another ten meters and that would help more as well, and buff up the command hull to 40 odd meters, somewhat acceptable buffs honestly.

    Got me thinking of adventures of a Daedalus class and all that, sigh. Like why is there ribbing? Well, my take was that the Daedalus has a cruise speed of Warp 5 and a emergency max speed of Warp 7, which strains the ship so much it needs reinforcement, but this speed was critical to winning the Romulan War. The antimatter/matter reactors introduced for it also are temperamental beasts, and safety mechanisms include a whole reinforced brace inside the ship for it, emergency rockets to blast the thing to space if need be.

    The pylon placement is more Star Trek: Legacy than the model in Ds9 or the concepts of Jefferies, though he has a few sketches of them more into the engineering hull than in the neck.

    The Bar-and-globe format of the ship could lead credence that the Command hull has its own emergency impulse drive and power, and can cut from the neck if need be in the case of a disaster they can't jettison the antimatter or reactor succinctly in time for and serve as a cramped lifeboat. Thought of a series like, Star Trek: Endeavor(s?), of a Post-Romulan War Daedalus called, well, Endeavor going around, stark white in the colors of peace and victory, going on missions, maybe focused around Alpha Centauri (ever wonder why we never hear of Alpha Centauri in Trek? Could work as a new location that can be sacrificed, in a prequel....) , but like, maybe once they're sent to the RNZ to use their sensors and speed to make sure the Romulans haven't advanced from Impulse based warp to Antimatter/acquired civilian Antimatter reactors and if needed, destroy any antimatter facility, equipment, or ship they detect on the wrong side of the border, ramifications be damned....

    Will continue working on this...probably remake the whole thing to be more friendly on the level of the avatar within Minecraft with 2-wide hallways and rooms worth a dang.

    Dunno if this fits more here in Fan Art or into, say, Gaming of some sort, move if needed! But just wanted to share.
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