Movies Seen in 2020


New year, new thread for us to talk about the new movies we watch in 2020!

I'll start, since I just got back from the Cinemark in Lufkin.

Bombshell based on the true story of the FOX News sexually harassment scandal, specific Roger Ailes' termination from the network. A really good cast directed by Jay Roach And archived footaged used for real people, too.

Interesting how the ending text says that Fox paid more to the Ailes & O'Reilly than to the women that accused them of sexual harassment.

Bombshell - theater
Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. Both on DVD. I haven't been to the theater this year yet.
Rambo: Last Blood. Not as bad as I was expecting.
Ender's Game. Rewatch. Obviously not as good as the book, but still a decent adaptation.
Blade Runner 2049. Rewatch. I love it so much.
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Enjoyable move. Tried to cram two movies worth of story/material into one movie and suffered because of it. Nice wrap up to the saga. 8/10
Bombshell - theater
Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady - Hulu
6 Underground - Netflix
The Art of Self-Defense - Hulu
Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker IMAX 3D - AMC
Richard Jewell - AMC
Inside Man: Most Wanted - Netflix
Spies in Disguise 3D - AMC

Watched the Michelle Wolf standup special from HBO after watching her Netflix special last month. She can be kind of shrill, and crude, but still funny.

I fell asleep the first night I tried to watch 6U, during the big action finale. I fast forwarded to a familiar part the second night, and finished it. Didn't care for it much, glad it was only on Netflix instead of wasting time at a movie theater.

TAoSD was messed up in all kinds of ways, especially the answering machine.

Third viewing of the new Star Wars movie, this time in IMAX 3D! Saw it in 2D at the Alamo Drafthouse with my family for Christmas, watched it in a theater all to myself in 3D the next night. Going to go see it again in regular IMAX in a few days.

RJ was a pretty good based on a true story movie about the Atlanta park bombing during the '96 Olympics.. Sam Rockwell & Kathy Bates were great in it, and I liked Jon Hamm's role, too. Olivia Wilde was wasted, though.

INMW is a direct to video sequel to Inside Man, a movie I enjoyed quite a bit when it came out. No one from the original film is in this, but the characters are referenced via photos, one in a hood at all times onscreen, and another via offscreen death. And a lot of characters say "Nazi diamond heist" a lot. The movie itself is pretty dumb, can't hold a candle to the original.

SID was a cute, pretty funny movie. I may go see it again in 2D, if its still playing when I get caught up with other new releases. I like that the character Will Smith voices actually looks like Will Smith, instead of how Planet 51 had Dwayne Johnson voicing a blonde, blue eyed astronaut. Not saying every character has to look like the voice actor, but it doesn't hurt.

Gotta say, the nudity in the movie was a surprise.

Next up will be Little Women Tuesday night, followed by 1917 Wednesday.
In the cinema;
JoJo Rabbit x2 which I loved.
Little Women - not my usual type of movie but did like it.
The Gentleman - also not my usual type of movie. Was what I expected but not bad at all.
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - God, I hated this so much. Ten minutes good movie, the rest was painful.

At home;
Oceans 8 - not bad
Spiderman In To The Spiderverse - excellent movie.
Watching The Irishman on Netflix.

It’s a good enough movie, making good use of stars.

Just doesn’t add anything than already said in every other Scorsese mob film. And doesn’t justify being three and a half hours.
Executive Decision - B

This is one I've seen at least twenty times as it always seems to be somewhere. It was a stereotypical 90's popcorn action flick, directed by Stuart Baird of all people. You know how it's going to end, but its fun along the way.
1. Uncut Gems (2019) - 9 [Cinema]
2. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - 6 [Cinema]
3. 1917 (2019) - 9 [Cinema]
4. Villains (2019) - 6 [VOD]
5. In Fabric (2018) - 6 [VOD]
6. Sweetheart (2019) - 5 [Netflix]
7. Little Women (2019) - 9 [Cinema]
8. Underwater (2019) - 7 [Cinema]
9. Freaks (2018) - 7 [VOD]
Bombshell - theater
Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady - Hulu
6 Underground - Netflix
The Art of Self-Defense - Hulu
Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker IMAX 3D/IMAX - AMC/AMC
Richard Jewell - AMC
Inside Man: Most Wanted - Netflix
Spies in Disguise 3D - AMC
Little Women (2019) - AMC
1917 BigD - AMC

Went out to Lufkin Tuesday night to watch the newest version of Little Women. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Nice acting all around, and since I haven't read the book & have vague memories of a black & white version, it was a mostly new story to me.

Went out to Tyler earlier tonight, watched the new Star Wars for the fourth time, this time in regular IMAX. I still like it, for the most part.

I followed that with 1917 on the BigD screen at AMC Tyler. And my "Best of 2020" list starts tonight with viewing that film because holy shit, it was fucking incredible. Fairly simple story - two soldiers are sent out, on foot, to deliver a message to call off an attack during WWI. The drama & suspense of it is almost entirely based on environments the soldiers find themselves in. There are occasional respites from war time horror. And it is brilliantly edited to look like a continuous shot with only one pause over an hour into a two hour film.

Seriously, y'all have got to see this movie.
12. Men In Black International - 5
13. The Turning - 3

Two awful movies. The Turning might be the worst horror film of 2020 when all is said and done.
I saw a German movie called Western. I liked it a lot, it’s about a group of German laborers assigned to build a dam in Bulgaria, and some class conflicts when they start to mix with a local village (With the specter of WW2 in everyone’s memory).