Mom calls cops on Video game obsessed son.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by miraclefan, Dec 22, 2009.

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    You are the one making assumptions and acting as if you know details. You have jumped to the conclusion that the threat of physical abuse was involved based on absolutely zero evidence. You have also made quite a few assumptions about the posters here, including myself, again based on zero evidence. And as a result, you basically have no standing to be up there on the high horse you've invented for yourself.
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    You got nothing, because I didn't say anything of the sort. If you're responding to someone else then quote that person to make it clear whom you're referring to, because you have the annoying habit of jumping to ridiculous conclusions and attributing comments to people who never said anything like that.

    If he had gotten the game from his friend his friend would have gotten it back and been told not to bring it in the house again. Or it would have been given to the friend's parents if that was a problem.

    If the teen took the console back I would have done a shitty job of taking it away and hiding it in my room. If he snuck in my room to get it he would have lost the game for a very long time and until he had done a shitload of chores to make up for his bad behavior. If that didn't work he would lose it permanently.

    Yes, I would physically take the game back. And if he tried to attack me then I would grab him by the arms and hold him until he stopped struggling. But then again, I'm a very tall guy who can easily handle myself against a teenage kid.

    If it was a small woman and her son then threatened to or actually got physically violent, of course it's reasonable to then call the police. But none of those scenarios were in the article, so it's kind of a silly tangent don't you think?

    What if she was under attack by giant radiation mutated ants? WHAT THEN?! Oh, wait, you mean that's an entirely different situation from what happened in the OP and thus completely changes how one would respond? Fascinating.

    You're the only one concocting 20 different hypothetical scenarios (some of which are impossible in this case) to justify calling the police over this, so take your own advice and deal with the few facts we know from the article.

    I've seen no evidence that you have much in the way of an authoritative opinion on this or any other subject for that matter. You can barely seem to grasp who you're having a conversation with and what they are saying half the time, so pardon me if I doubt that you "know better" than anyone else.

    The kid's behavior was a problem, just not a problem worthy of calling the police emergency line. Violence or the threat of violence would need to happen before that would be justified in my opinion, and there's no evidence of that as of yet. Maybe later there will be, but until then, all we have to go on is what's in the article.

    There's something wrong with a 14 year old staying up to play video games until 2:00 AM if his mother told him to go to bed and he refused. There's not necessarily something wrong with the idea in general if it was the weekend (which it was), unless it became a bad habit for him, which it seems to have been.
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    My children would have been allowed to stay up to 2am on a Saturday so long as I was also up. I remember the three of us playing Monkey Island together into the wee hours of the morning.
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    Yeah, I used to stay up late playing Mario Bros. with my Mom and sisters, and I turned out okay.

    Granted, I frequently pick up turtles and hurl them at mushrooms. Damn violent video games.
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    My son and I were up late last night with the new Super Mario for Wii (there is a level in World 2 that was kicking our ass :p)
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    So says the man who doesn't think two people can live together and be committed to each other *UNLESS* they are married :rolleyes::rolleyes: