Missing Spock

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    Missing Spock

    McCoy had been searching for Kirk for awhile now he was concerned for his comrade when Spock's funeral was over the young captain had fled the room. The Dr. approached Spock's room and found the door ajar the light was off but McCoy could still see the silehote of a figure by the Vulcan's bed.

    Silently McCoy opened the door the rest of the way and went in.

    " Captain?" McCoy asked softly.

    " I'm ok Dr." Kirk struggled in vain to keep his voice steady.

    McCoy wasn't fooled however and stepped closer to the bed. His friend was holding Spock's sweater tightly to his chest.

    " Kirk?" McCoy immediately sat beside the young man on the floor. " Your speech at the funeral was very touching. my friend."

    Kirk only nodded in silence. The Dr. glanced closer at the captain. Kirk's face was milky white and grief sparkled in his eyes. McCoy instinctively touched his comrade's shoulder and Kirk bit his lip hard.

    " Kirk, there wasn't anything anyone could've done and it's not your fault either. I even tried to stop Spock but he knocked me out."

    Kirk began to sob and McCoy hugged him close.

    " I'm sorry, McCoy..I'm so sorry!!!" The captain treambled in his friend's arms.

    " Kirk, there's no shame to be had. I've cried as well. We all have." McCoy whispered. " Spock was an amazing friend."

    Kirk sat up slowly smileling sadly. " Sometimes Spock drove me mad."

    McCoy chuckled softly in agreement. " He did me as well."

    Fresh tears trickled down Kirk's face as he glanced lovingly at the Vulcan's special medication place. It would forever empty and devoid of their friend.

    " Spock always had my back." Kirk whispered. " I could trust him with anything."

    McCoy agreed. " I know what you mean."

    The captain suddenly laughed as he remembered how Spock would raise an eyebrow at some of the comments they all had made.

    " It's almost dinner. Would you like to come eat with me?" The Dr. invited.

    Kirk sighed. " I would like that a lot. Thank you. Could I just have a few moments alone?"

    McCoy nodded. " Of course, my friend. I will be right outside."

    When the Dr. had left Kirk stood up and slowly went to the medication room the young man stood by Spock's chair and touched it in respect as he laid the sweater onto the chair.

    " Spock, I will miss you so much. I hope you find peace. You deserve that most of all."

    Slowly Kirk rubbed his thumb on the soft texture of the sweater.

    " Goodbye, Spock."

    Silently the Captain bowed his head as he did the Vulcan farewell sign. Then he opened his eyes and walked out of Spock's room for the last time. When he emerge McCoy was waiting for him. Before they both left Kirk turned to the guards.

    " Please seal this room." He said gently and the guards nodded smileling sadly.

    The End