MIRROR DARKLY-seven years old. Still hold up? Your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Mutara Nebula 1967, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I sorta wondered if in non mirror verse the tholians almost the part of self appointed time police while their mirror side where trying to make use of any temporal tech they could find.

    the tholians in the non mirror verse were more concerned with warning enterprise away. even then they allowed them to stay awhile to see if kirk would reappear. they didn't get pissed until the deadline was ended. even then their web seemed for containment and not destruction.

    as for the question of damage to defiant . a theory about connie shields is that they were like layers of an onion. multi hits would take out the outer layers while still protecting the ship. but they could feedback energy in waves .. where all the shaking of the ship came from. sometimes even with shields a shot might get through a weak point and cause an actual breach. but you could have internal damage in the ship w/o actual breach.
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    Well, truth to be told is fundamental flaw in Star Trek. Ships always look damaged, but in the next scenes damage is gone. Star Trek VI had such a gaffe too, Enterprise having a torpedo passing through the whole saucer only to show no damage in the next scene.
    Excelsior was actually the reverse. A mild hit that made no damage on the exterior, but the scenes show extensive decompression in the interior.
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    It was nice to see a Constitution class starship in operation again, even under these circumstances.
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    Agreed. Mirror Darkly was a high concept idea but low in content. It certainly didn't have to be two hours long. What makes these episodes stand apart from the mirror episodes of TOS and DS9 is that there was no crossover and therefore no link to the original crew. So most of what was happening with these one-dimensional moustache twirling alternate versions of the ENT crew didn't engage me as a viewer.

    Besides that, to spend two episodes in an alternate universe when cancellation of the show was imminent seemed to me a huge waste of time, as it turned out to be in the end.
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    Yes it was! And I think they did such a great job with Defiant that oddly the TOS remastered shot of the Enterprise don't look quite as well as the job they did in IAMD.

    As for IAMD, this is still one of my all time favorite ENT episodes, and in fact, my all time Star Trek episodes. It definitely still holds up for me. The only 2 complaints I have with it are
    1. they killed practically everyone off, so returning to that universe would only have featured Hoshi and Mayweather.
    2. The CGI for the Gorn doesn't hold up well, and I always had an issue with it not being consistent with the Gorn from Arena. Granted it moved a lot better but just didn't look like the same species to me. Looked more like a Velociraptor.
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    Second that. I remember watching both parts and commentating live, and I have to say that in a season that was excellent, this two-parter stood above everything else, IMO. Loved it then, and have enjoyed multiple viewings of it over the years.

    Come to think of it, it's just about time to break the DVD out once again.

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    I didn't think much of the 2 parter,they weren't as evil as the original MU characters were.
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    1. Actually, if you listen to the producer commentary, they note that none of the main characters are definitively dead, because they wanted to ensure the possibility of revisiting the mirror universe later on. (Not sure how I feel about that, since DS9 definitely went to that particular well a few too many times).

    2. I just assumed the Gorn Archer fought was in a bit better shape than the one Kirk fought. Kind of the Jason Statham of Gorn, if you will. :guffaw: