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    Catalog photos pertaining to the next Super Sentai series have leaked

    FYI "Super Sentai" is the franchise of series that Power Ranger's adapts for America.

    America is currently 2 seasons behind when adapting footage.

    The new toys take a twist on Minecraft since it's super popular



    Stack the cubes, stab it with the sword, and unfold them to form Jyuoh King. Sword can then be pulled out (without helmet attached) and used as the weapon.


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    Well, 1.10.2 came out and it finally plays on my copy of Windows 10 at least. But it doesn't seem to add very much apart from a minor Ice themed pack and a few block options. But it does now have a thing where your player automaticaly walks up a 1 block incline insted of jumping every time.

    Anyhoo, it works.