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    I liked the character allot.
    She was a little playful like Niomi but kinda cold, like Seven.
    Still, I'm glad she didn't stay on board.
    It didn't seem natural that every alien from the DQ that traveled with them would want to stay. If the show preached individuality, then characters should come and go as they pleased in search of their own destiny.
    Icheb on the other hand, had to stay.
    Life on Voyager was kinda better than with crazy parents, using you as Borg bait.

    However, I think they dropped the ball on the Borg kids by not delving into how being a Borg and a child fucks up your childhood.
    How they deal with being feared.
    How they have a hard time making friends because they no longer have normal personalities.
    How their innocence was robbed from them.
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