Mass Effect 3

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    To be fair he was going to dump her at the first opportunity without even bothering to mention it.
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    I think the point is that James isn't really interested. It makes LI's a bit shallow and meaningless if just about everyone will fall into bed with the protagonist with just the right combination of words. You can't cater for everyone because it's impossible. Even if you make James available someone will complain that Chakwas should be too...then someone else will want Bailey, the Elcor ambassador, Blast and before you know it, they'll be demands for a Reaper LI.

    It basically reduces them to an accessory, which is pretty much what it was like to have a spouse in Skyrim. I'd much rather have well written characters thank you.

    One of the things I love about DA2 is how they handled the Avaline "romance". You get several flirt options with her throughout the game and they just go right over her head. The possibility never seriously occurs to her and under no circumstances does she have romantic feelings for Hawke, not matter what you say to her. It's hilarious!