Spoilers Marvel's Scripted Podcasts Wolverine, and Wastlanders have Unbeliveable Casts

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by JD, Jan 6, 2022.

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    Anybody else listen to Marvel's scripted podcasts? So far they have two, Wolverine, which has had 2 seasons so far, The Long Night, and The Lost Trail, and Wastelanders, which has had 2 seasons with a 3rd coming later this month and a 4th included on Wikipedia, with each one focusing on a different character, first Star-Lord, then Hawkeye, and later this month they'll be starting Black Widow, and Doom is also happening at some point.
    They've gotten some pretty impressive casts:
    Wolverine: The Long Night has Richard Armitage as Wolverine, Ato Essandoh, Scott Adsit, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Bob Balaban. Armitage returned for The Lost Trail, with Bill Irwin as Master Mind, Bill Heck as Gambit, and Blair Brown.
    The Wastelanders: Star Lord had Timothy Busfield as Star Lord, Chris Elliot as Rocket, Patrick Page as Kraven the Hunter, Vanessa Williams as Emma Frost, Danny Glover, Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom, and Aasif Mandvi.
    Wastlanders: Hawkeye had Stephen Lang as Hawkeye, Sasha Lane as Ash Barton, Michelle Hurd as Mockingbird, Joe Morton as Ringmaster, Tracie Thoms as Kate Barton, James Saito as King Zemo,
    Wastelanders: Black Widow has Susan Sarandon as Black Widow, Amber Grey, Michael Imperioli, and Justin Kirk.
    So far the only actor announced for Wastlanders: Doom is Dylan Baker as Doom again.
    I've only listened to the first episode of The Long Night so far, but it was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to continuing. I'm probably going to check out Wastelanders: Star Lord once I finish that one.
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    I only listened to the first season of the Wolverine one and it didn't really grab me. The production quality was great but I only listened sporadically while I was driving so that's probably why I felt that way.

    Also, as far as I remember, Wolverine was the only Marvel character I recognized (aside from who the villain turned out to be) and he wasn't really in it that much so that didn't help. Maybe I'll try one of the others at some point.