Making sense of 'Night Terrors'

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    While this episode has interesting thing going on there are so many questions floating around they just pile up and it gets hard to accept all the weirdness.

    There was a moment when it wasn't possible to replicate explosive materials for the rift. How much energy does the replicator use? If memory serves ”the Borg weapon” was used after that. Replicator uses more energy than a weapon designed to destroy a Borg cube, what? Where did they think they would get the energy for that, it would just be absorbed into the rift.

    How exactly was the hydrogen released into the rift? Why wasn't the energy used to release the hydrogen absorbed? For some reason that worked.

    Could human body be without a good sleep for 10 days, that's how long they were trapped, at least?

    I want to like this episode, is this episode something that you have to skip thinking, just watch?
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    1. Remember the replicators convert energy to matter, something that only happened previously during the Big Bang. So I'd say that would be bigger a power drain than shooting a beam from the deflector. Plus that deflector beam was the crew's "last shot" as they had no other options. It was a desperation move.

    2. The hydrogen was released from the Bussard Collectors, which are supposed to collect hydrogen for use in the warp drive. I don't know the specifics of how they work, so I can't tell you why there wasn't any energy loss. I also wonder why the Hydrogen flows in somewhat solid stream away from the collectors, and doesn't just disperse all over. That's also how it happened in another episode, Samaritan Snare, though.

    3. Michael Jackson apparently went 60 days without REM sleep before he died, so I guess its possible to last 10 days.

    The Tyken's Rift is typical Star Trek space anomaly zaniness. It's a "rupture" of space, whatever that means. It absorbs energy and sends it somewhere, we don't know where. You can "overload" it by making a big explosion, which seems counter-intuitive, but it seems to be the most effective way to...umm..fix it.
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    I recently rewatched and I found it utterly boring. To be honest, I couldn't even watch the whole way through. Those Troi dream sequences are reason enough to skip it.
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    Maybe, but that freak-out moment with Beverly and the corpses is definitely worth watching.

    Most people's sanity erodes a certain period without REM sleep. I'm not sure how long; it probably varies by individual. 10-12 days sounds about right.
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    The scene on the Brattain with the spooked ensign is also nice, and Riker in his quarters. TNG had the best creepy scenes :D
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    There's your answer. Apply that to every single episode of every TV show you've ever watched or ever will watch.

    Yeah, I always skip through those but the creepy scenes make up for that. There's nothing like being in a morgue with dozens of corpses and all of a sudden they all sit up.
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    Wouldn't it be cheaper and more rewarding to adopt three cats, and - at every 4PM - open a bag of treats? They'll sit up on cue just as well... :devil:
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    But they don't play spooky music.
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    I remember that after Picard and Riker talked about feeling something waiting for them when they entered their quarters. I found it so creepy, creepier than other shows because Picard and Riker are scientific, stoic people.
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