Lower Decks: Western

USS Fardell

Fleet Captain
Fleet Captain
Star Trek: Lower Decks – Western
The Federation might have been more developed in the later part of the 24th Century, but even so, there were still areas that were akin to the American West 500 years earlier. Places where California class starships were frequently sent.

Starbase 80 was certainly not alone in being neglected when it came to upgrades. It had simply built up it’s reputation over time. The area in question was nearby, far from where the Dominion had threatened.

USS Cerritos NCC 75567 dropped out of warp in an otherwise unremarkable star system less than 5 light years from that much maligned starbase.

“Report,” Captain Carol Freeman ordered.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Lieutenant Shax reporterd.

“Bring up the information,” Freeman ordered.

Cerritos approached the M-class planet in the system and established a standard orbit. The Federation colony of New Arizona had been established in the late 2260s, based upon an idealized version of the Post-Civil War American West, without the displacement of those that had inhabited the region before them, nor the social disparities amongst the settlers. Even so, new problems had emerged, including some that reflected the problems faced by their ancestors.

“Hail the Chief Sherrif,” Freeman ordered.

“Aye, Captain,” Shax acknowledged.

“This is Captain Carol Freeman of the USS Cerritos to the Chief Sherrif of New Preoria.”

“Cerritos, I have been expecting you. There are some problems that you can help solve down here.

“What sort of problems?” Freeman asked.

It would be best if someone would beam down.


It was barely ten minutes later when a team lead by Lieutenant Beckett Mariner materialized on the platform of New Preoria’s main train station. She immediately realized that the architecture of the station resembled those of 19th Century America, although she knew that the rails serving the station were maglev. She lead the team out of the station towards the Chief Sherrif’s office next door.

“Lieutenant Beckett Mariner to see Chief Sherrif Jones.”

“He is expecting you,” the secretary said.

“Welcome!” the Chief Sherrif said.

“So, what is this situation that you couldn’t explain to my Captain earlier?”

“There is the usual jobs Starfleet engineers do regarding our infrastructure,” Jones said.

“Yes…” Mariner said impatiently.

“And we’re also having trouble with highwaymen?”

“You mean, pirates?”

“No, Lieutenant. They’re operating from somewhere on the land surface, not in space or from our oceans,” the Chief Sherrif said.

Mariner rolled her eyes. “Highwaymen. Got it.”

“And my deputies, while capable, can’t catch them. We need Starfleet assistance.”

“Like calling in the Marshals in the old days.”

“Too true,” Jones said with a self-depreciating smile.”
If you want to add some sarcasm, you could mention the advantages of having outlaying colonies looking lie the Wild West... Particularly the ability to reuse and repurpose the Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn sets, props and costumes.

(One reason for so many western stories in the original series, along with dolling Kirk, Spock, et.al. up in cowboy gear, Nazi uniforms, Roman armor and 30's noir gangster suits was that these story-lines reduced production costs by using stuff that was laying around on the Paramount lot.)