Lost In The Infinite Saddness

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    Hey Rita,

    I think finding yourself a good counsellor and support network are key to helping you get through what happening for you at the moment. You have the BBS which is one great support network, but have you though about looking into a support group in RL? There are plenty out there and hopefully there is one that might deal with type of situation you are in at the moment.

    In regards to counselling, having been myself for a number of years i can safely say it does a world of good. Whilst it may not solve all your problems, it can be great just having time dedicated to YOU so you can get things of your chest. I found talking about it and externalising what was going on for me helped me put things in perspective. It might do the same for you :)

    I would also highly recommend treating yourself when you have the opportunity. Evene if it's something as simple as buying your favourite biscuits when you are at the supermarket.

    Most important of all be kind to yourself. If you have trouble doing that, i've lurked on this board long enough to know there are many, many people who are willing and able to help you with that
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    Rita, we are all blown about by storms and winds, some favourable, some harsh. The best you can do is find the direction you want to go, and if that means facing into the wind, then face into the wind, knowing, knowing, this will nit last forever, and move against it, knowing that you can push against whatever comes at you.

    Good luck.