Lost as a Whedonesque musical - a great series of fanvideos

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    I saw this on Livejournal today and I really have to share. Someone has made a series of fanvideos about Lost characters and storylines, set to the songs from Buffy musical episode "Once More With Feeling". Here's the Youtube playlist:


    You gotta love the way they made the lyrics match the scenes (except when "Buffy" or "Willow" are occasionally mentioned, but what can you do), and it's even better when male characters are "singing" female roles or the other way round. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, it's between "Under Your Spell" (Locke's love song to the Island :)), Ben and Smokey singing Sweet's songs, and I love what they did with "Dawn's Lament" :lol: but in the end I think "The Mustard" got me laughing the hardest, the facial expressions were perfect.

    (I know that Lost has its own forum, but it's been dead for a while, and a lot more people will see it here, and we all know that Lost is fantasy/SF anyway, plus it's also Buffy-related, so... )
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    Actually, the LOST forum has been closed for some time now, so this is actually exactly where it needs to go.

    That said, those were really good. I'm sure now if I want to rewatch LOST or rewatch Buffy, but I definitely want to rewatch one of them!
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