"Loki: Brother of Thor" fan edit

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    Some guy edited all of the Loki scenes from Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World into a single narrative that follows the character of Loki through all three movies.

    The insertion of all of Tom Hiddleston' deleted scenes (and even a few brief clips of his audtion tape) are enough to make it fresh enough to not feel like a total rehash.

    The creator of the edit had this to say...

    I don't agree with all of his choices (eliminating the Destroyer battle eliminates Thor's plea to Loki about sparing the others and eliminating the "Avengers bicker" scene undermines how completely he was playing them) and some of the cuts are rather choppy. Also, I would have kept the Chris Evans cameo over seing Hiddleston in the Cap suit. The insertion of the other deleted scenes were a nice addition. Very entertaining overall.
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