Lazarus' Mirror

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    Lazarus' Mirror

    "That's a Planet Killer all right," said the Admiral, studying the viewscreen intently.

    "That makes, what--five of them thus far, as per the history texts?"

    "That's right Ensign. Kirk used the wreck of the Constellation to destroy the first one--an Miranda class cruiser--or was that an Avenger class frigate variant?--engaged a second one, as did Picard some years later--and that one was huge. A more 'standard' type was encountered by Janeway's Voyager--and that was the fourth and the last one I know about--so this one on screen is at least the fifth one according to Spock."

    "The Spock from the alternate timeline you mean--the old one Captain?"

    "Exactly. He did a mind-meld with the younger Spock, so as to share his life-time of knowledge, including plans to turn a modified Planet Killer into a weapon--the Wolf project as pursued by their Picard-era Section 31, I think it was."

    "And that is how our passive mind-sifter picked it up--ah the medical emergency you had me set up with the poison over at Rigel....then that would make this Planet Killer the destroyer of the Constellation--except in their universe?"

    "It helps to keep a flow chart handy. We've captured all rest, and are working backwards here in our universe--it seems our Terran Empire's history was also changed by Nero's little Vendetta. Some fragments of their universe's Nero made its way here it seems When we capture this last Planet Killer, we will combine it's power with the anti-proton beams of the others and focus it all on the planet we found Lazarus on. As per old Spock's rememberings and his writings under truth serum, the young Kirk over at their Federation is about to meet his version of Lazarus. As per their original timeline, Lazarus almost initiated a collapse of the vacuum since that part of space was considered weak--there is a corridor which allows a change in baryon spin to be safely had. Usually it takes a modified transporter beam to move back and forth. If a counterpart meets his opposite, the resulting standard anti-matter explosion does damage all out of proportion to its usual size--and could decimate both universes..."

    "--Unless it were focused in one direction by several anti-proton beams merging at that one spot."

    "Fast learner. Their Section 31, the only part of their Federation that was even remotely like our Empire, failed. We will not. But I don't want to destroy their whole universe, just shake it up a bit--soften them up for our invasion fleet coming through. I got the idea from the fact that Kirk in their original timeline was expecting an invasion, when it was only Lazarus trying to kill his double."

    "And our ship, the ISS Vengeance, will have the priviledge of being the first ship through the corridor."

    "First thing first, Ensign Khan." for now, we have a Planet Killer to board., would you like to lead our "away" team?"

    "Love to, Admiral Marcus."

    "And this time, try not to crash our ship into San Francisco Bay."

    Khan, Marcus, and Nero shared a chuckle on their way over to the Planet Killer, already lured to the Mirror Universe's Earth, where it was only just beginning to cut chunks out of the Sahara.

    "First, let's do a little de-populating. We'll fill that desert in with some Comet water, said Marcus."

    "There goes Chad," said Khan, known now as Harrison.

    Nero responded. "Wow, and I thought Narada had a powerful cutting beam. Issuing commands."

    The Planet Killer fell silent upon gobbling up its last bit of debris, and then joined its sister ships in the invasion fleet.

    Lazarus, also of the alternate timeline Mirror Universe, could commune with his other selves. Both the Lazarus of Young Kirk's Federation timeline where the USS Vengeance crashed, and more importantly, the two Lazurai o Spock Prime's original timeline. Their timeless fued ended with a merging of the two==a composite being of great power in the timeless corridor known by so many names--the N-space emboltment, the Great White Space, and more.

    Most joinings of disparate doubles led to confusion, as with a Daemon that had met his alternate, and did not know which universe to return to help.

    But Lazarus grew wise. He tapped into every universe's version of himself. Toadstool, flower, humanoid. He remembered an alternate reality where his name was associated with a miracle of the son of the Elohim. His wife had held up a mirror to register his breath, or lack thereof--for that Lazarus had died. He was blessed with a true everlasting life from an entity that would outstrip the Dowd or even the Q, or so it seemed. Was it real? Was it reality made manifest through the belief of legends? Such questions mattered not a jot here. Whereever here was.

    Months later, the Planet Killers arrived at Lazarus adopted planet--or was it only a moment later? Hours seem like days, years, like millenia, or eons.

    The array of Planet Killers focused their awesome blasts into a very weak area of space that lead into Lazarus home. His tiny saucer ship could cause ripples out of proportion to its size here--just here.

    "Mirrors" said Lazarus to himselves as they raised their infinite hand--a hand that outshone the local sun--and reflected the anti-proton beams right back into the Terran invasion fleet, whose ships silently blossomed into flames.

    "The mirror crack'd from side to side."

    A Great Rip began to flood the firmament, but was stopped--or was changed instead, into a new universe--a simpler one where Faster-Than-Light travel was made impossible, where energies were simpler, preventing such wickedness of men from ever corrupting the heavens again. Of their passing there would be no mark.

    But what of Lazarus?

    His interference had cost him his very existence--for the flames of Prometheus always incur a price.

    His last act--or was that his first?--was to inspire a writer from the simpler 'verse, so that his dreams could soar like smiling swans across all of Creation.

    The writer himself was a simple man--a lieutenant of great character named Gene.