Late Atlantis Missed Opportunity

Discussion in 'Stargate' started by Sindatur, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I was so stoked to see the Asgards back with their Exo-Skeletons, and doing what needed to be done. I was hoping for an Opposite side of the Galactic Center, closer than safe for anyone else , Civilization of the Asgards, who had less Compassionate roles (Or even on the farthest Distant Spiral arm from the wraith and Atlantis). To see the Asgard acting upon their own self interest wholly, rather than out of current need and resources. They could've been great "fair weather Friends" for a couple of years, shaking up the Pegasus Galaxy. Also, I think the introduction of SGU characters could've been better done on Atlantis. I ended up liking SGU in the last half season, but, the first season was really difficult to appreciate any characters, because they were all so "Hate-able"

    I think a self serving, unreliable Asgard "empire" would've been a really cool twist (Go'Auld had the Tok'Ra, Ancients had the Orii, Milkyway/Their own Galaxy Asgard. Pegasus Asgard)

    Would folks have revolted against the "Desecration" of the Asgard, or would they have liked the re-introduction being more selfish (Though of course, they wold help defeat whatever other Big Bad came about in the next Few seasons in the end)
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    The "evil" Asgardians were IMO done more or less for shock value, it was a nice idea but the two parter was just fine as is. And if I remember correctly there were good scenes between Daniel and McKay.
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    ^ I agree with this. They were nice, but I didn't need to see them much again or at all.
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    It would have been interesting to have continued having them. Especially since they were actually a minor power in the galaxy (they were only on one planet that was uninhabitable) and they wouldn't have been friends. Lets not forget that they weren't convinced to turn off the wraith engine jammer, even with the knowledge it causes stargates to explode (they didn't use them, so they didn't care how many would die because of it).

    Sadly I can't call it a missed opportunity. We probably would have seen them again, but the series got cancelled. Thats the missed opportunity.

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    You can't think about this. It's too much use of the brain considering it's show like Atlantis.

    Evidence that the players don't care. It's like they want a fight...
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    Indeed, I think the rough season 6 outline Mallozzi posted on his blog a couple of years ago indicated there were plans to bring the evil Asgard back.