Labyrinth, but not the Movie.

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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.

    So that's what Katie McGraths boobies look like!


    Although she's stopped grinding her teeth while acting which has made a world of difference. I used to think that she had lockjaw. The sleepy bored look on Katie's face while her brotherinlaw is building up to a climax in her rear was hilarious. Her character is using sex to get power which is cool, even if she is such a sociopath that it's all about the destination and frakk the journey.

    John Hurt's showing the colours. Anthony Head took Angel with him to Dancing on the Edge. It's almost like they divided up the female cast of Merlin when they parted ways... But that's ridiculous! What would two really old men want with young firm interesting and engaging, attractive women?

    Never mind.

    It's not time travel.

    This story is tracking the search for the Holy Grail at two points in history, the 13th and 21st centuries where the bollocks of all the characters tying to accept how the larger concerns of cabals and secret societies widget into their small ordinary lives.

    The usual.

    Sebastian Stan is I'm told one of the ten most sexiest men in the universe... He's in the cast too. :)

    There's an air of foreboding and mystery which Zero Hour just failed to achieve on any level and since the "magic/fantasy" in this story is "reincarnation" that as the story continues we learn that the same souls are in new bodies stuck on the karmic wheel concentrating on still the same toil and adventure century after century... I haven't actually finished the first episode yet. These are movie length episodes?

    Gosh it's going on!

    The word to describe the atmosphere is "Bergerac" if that men's anything to you. But even with all the sex, murder, bosoms and torture it still all feels very girly, but then this mini series is based on a popular award winning novel which appears to be a poor man's Game of Thrones in every way.

    So it's a two parter.

    No massive twist in middle before part 2 starts... But there was some epic sword play, I mean NOTHING compared to Game of Thrones turned up to 11, but there was a guy sticking the pointy end of his sword into a lot of English Crusaders fine. Effectively since this is set in France at the middle of the middle ages it has to be compared to Timeline which was an awful movie pejoratively even if as I said that this isn't time travel but their is some bleedover as the heroine in the present is remembering her past life as the girl in the centre of everything in the 12th century played by Jessica Brown Findlay who I have a definitive weakness for.

    Yes everything boils down to pretty girls for me, but it's still well written and the unattractive women as well as the men all act very well too and my curiosity is piqued about what's going to happen next.

    I'll watch part two tomorrow.
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    We saw this miniseries here in Canada back in the fall, and I quite liked it. And yeah, the girls were pretty, but so too did the story keep my attention. :)