Klingons and the dominion war

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    So we know it was a tradegy for the federation and a sad point in its history.

    For the Klingons, was it their dream come true?

    -Overwhelming odds
    -Jemhadar being equal in combat
    -Jemhadar getting involved in hand to hand combat
    -The stakes being survival of the empire itself
    -Being vital parts of the survival for allies and old enemies alike.
    -Massive ship battles
    -A cowardly for in the vorta
    -Klingons held the moral high ground ( of course that never really bothers the -Klingons, but having it for once does give the war more "honour".
    -A enemy in the Jemhadar that gives no mercy and quater and likewise will fight to the death.

    Seems to me it was a Klingon wet dream and the sort of war they could only dream of in the pass.

    After such a war though,would the Klingons just be content to settle down in peace? Or would their blood lust have been stired up to such a point they become a threat to the alpha quadrant again or take a fleet into the gamma quadrant and continue the war there?
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    At the very least, Gowron would be elated. His rule would be solidified by the fighting, and OTOH it wouldn't matter if the war eroded the fighting power of his empire when all the other empires around were also getting ground to bits.

    Plus, it didn't seem as if the fighting ever seriously threatened Klingon turf. Bajor was behind a buffer of neutral space when viewed from the UFP, but Klingon space was farther away still, presumably with lots of UFP space as an extra buffer. In contrast, the fighting explicitly involved UFP space and also Romulan space.

    Add to this the benefits of keeping the warrior masses happy, of being able to send one's opponents to hopeless attacks, of getting aid from one's former enemies and a good peek into their military secrets as well... The war certainly was a Klingon triumph while it lasted, and never mind when it concluded in (at least temporary) victory.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Gowron was chomping at the bit to take the fight to the Dominion all for “glory for the Empire”, particularly when he invaded Cardassia.

    The Klingons are a warrior race and the war was right up their street.

    From when Martok was held as a prisoner and made to fight and later on Worf, it was evident there was a mutual respect between the Jem’Hadar and the Klingons due to their fighting prowess.
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    I think the Klingons thought the Jem Hadar were without honor.
    They fought for no other reason than that they were designed to fight.
    They didn't fight for glory or for songs.
    I think Martok and Worf hated them when they were held prisoner for those reasons.

    I don't think the Klingons would go conquering in the Gamma Quadrant though
    Mainly because then when they would come back home, surely angry conquered people would follow them and might start killing humans, Bajorans, etc.

    But otherwise I think that they would love nothing better than to conquer the planets there.:techman:
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    I think some were happy to be in such a large and what would have been considered glorious war.

    However, I just get the feeling that the war was incredibly taxing on the Klingon economy, in manpower and resources and showed their production capacity to be lacking, although as far as those star charts that have ever been released, it seems the Klingon "homeland" for lack of a better word, was untouched, unlike Federation space.
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    Nobody sings songs about a manager who increases industrial production by 15%.
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    It was interesting to see the contrast between Sisko's and Admiral Ross' somber reaction and Martok's jubilation when they were among the ruins on Cardassia at the conclusion of the war.

    I assume the Klingons, like Martok, drank themselves to a stupor with bloodwine after the victory. The Klingons live for the glory, and gory, of battle. :klingon:

    Just before the Dominion war, the Klingons invaded Cardassia and made a land grab for Cardassian territory. I believe they still held on to those territories even after they made up with the Federation after the Klingons attacked DS9.

    After the Dominion war ended, I doubt the Klingons saw any need to give up any of those territories that they took, especially now that they see themselves as unconditional victors, "to the victors go the spoils" type of thinking. However, I imagine that would not sit well with the reconstructed Cardassian government, or even to the Federation. But the Feds will probably look the other way.

    That may be cause for future conflict between the Klingons and Cardassia. The Klingons might even relish another conflict with a still weakened Cardassia, more glory and more conquest for the Klingons. :klingon::cardie:

    But I don't know if the Klingons would be dumb enough to attempt to take territory in the Gamma Quadrant and engage in battle, all alone without allies, against the Jem'Hadar. That would be something to behold though, warrior vs warrior.
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    Sisko and Ross left Martok with a whole barrel of 2309 to drink by himself!