Kings - see it? Imagine it recast with ST actors & actresses.

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    I could see Marc Alaimo as King Silas. Connor Trineer as David the Hero Soldier. Avery Brooks as Reverend Samuels. Jolene Blaylock as Silas' daughter. The Queen is V'GER's Borg Queen:borg: She must stay:cool:

    Dylan Baker's role be played by Andrew Robinson or Scott Bakula. Robert Beltran, or Dean Spockwell, as the head of the military. Silas' son be played by Brian Bonsall.

    Who else:confused:

    I'm out of steam now:)

    Your choice of Trektors & Trektresses as characters on KINGS?
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    You didn't mention "Dean Spockwell" in that post at all.

    You're slipping. ;)
  3. Aquehonga

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    How fallible of me:brickwall:

    Just a simple oversight:o

    Have keyboard:hugegrin:

    Will amend:D

    And Al is a Trektor:cool:

    Many thanks to Captain Beckett:beer: