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    Apologies in advance if there is another thread.

    Anybody watching this show? What do you think of it so far?

    I have been unimpressed with the competitions so far, but have been compelled to keep watching due to -

    I can't stand Alana. I watch every week hoping she gets kicked off. She embodies the urban dictionary definition of fatitude.

    On the flip side, the pink haired chick Danielle is very attractive as is pro gamer Celeste.

    Do you have any favorite/least favorite characters?

    There needs to be some geek romance hookups in the house too.

    Genevieve's singing makes me very uncomfortable.

    What is your take on the hosts?
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    Are you watching the show?

    Danielle is a MONSTER.

    She's poisonous.

    Gorgeous but poisonous.

    And she's probably not even gorgeous, it's just the pink hair.

    A pink trick.

    Alyanna was annoying, but her heart was in the right place.

    In the last episode I'm not sure which was more shocking, that Alyanna had a storage locker full of comic books or that someone had married her.

    She thought Action Comics #1 was printed in 1929.

    Comic book fan my wandering ass.

    Robert Caradine barely says anything.

    It's almost like Curtis is doing him a favour to help on his back taxes.


    The gladiator was Lou Feringo Junior?