"King Horga'hn"

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    Horga'hn a grizzled and angry king stomped and shoved his way through servants as he traversed the halls of his Castle. He was a angry and bitter man who had running joke in his head as to whether he hated men or women most and his answer was always "Which ever sex was in current eye sight." He hated how they laughed and enjoyed each other's company. He hated how his people enjoyed life and made love at the drop of a hat or enjoyed such frivous things such as sports and art and all the useless things in life. Life was suppose to be a natural curse brought upon by evoultion and it must be endured or else the God's would be angered but nothing else should be tolerated in a Risian's heart.
    Horga'hn spent 71 years of ruling the planet of Risa, 7 of them as a teenager forced to stay inside the throne room, never to leave that room under any circumstance. A fire could break out in that room and it would be requied by duty to accept death by fire as the way things must be. He hated all the rules and Godly duties and expecations that came with being a ruler but after awhile he learned to accept it and then learned to believe in it. Well today he was finally going to take that belief and make sure his people also would believe in it. Today he was going to ban sex on the planet of RIsa unless giving permission by him or selected honor guard who would also be able to speak on his behalf. It was just one step, Next would be the arts and sports but even his old gritty heart knew you couldn't do it all at once.
    At noon, RIsian time he was going to go out on the castle balcony and give a speech to the thousands or millions who would be in attendance. He had no idea what the number would be because he could care less about math but he knew it wouldn't matter. The word would spread and his palace police would go about the local villages and spread the words even more. Well it was almost noon and that is why he was hustling through the castle. It was almost time to give the speech. Just at that moment he started to hear screams outside of the castle. His stomping ampted up to a run and he burst through the wooden doors to the balcony and went outside and saw something he never seen before. It was aliens! A box shaped alien craft hovered in the sky like a frozen bird. It had for black wheels attached to it, two to the front a two to the back. A raindbow painted across the side and a clear covering the front of the spacecraft. He also what looked like a mechincal engine device on the top that was like one long protruding circular object. That stuff didn't matter though when a side door to the craft opened and a alien with a pinkish skin and facial hair and black eyes stuck out his head and yelled. "I'm Coming down,Man. Don't Trip out on me!" He went back inside the vehicle and closed the door. Almost as soon as that happened. He and another alien though this one looked female appeared out of thin air on his balcony and they both gave a strange hand salute using just two of their digits "We come in peace man. We just want you to listen to some tunes before you make some new, really asshole law. " The lady chimed in with "It's some really groovy stuff,friend. I so think you will like what you hear." "By the way my name is Moon GInsburg and my hubby over their is Maury."
    Horga'hn was not about to have this meeting out in public. His police was already having trouble keeping the people from storming the castle out of fear and panic over what they just saw! He returned to the Throne Room and made all of his guards to leave along with his servants and honor guard. If these aliens were going to kill him he knew they couldn't do anything about it so he realized his only choice was to hear them out and most likely be killed. He could care less about the second option, really in his heart but he didn't like feeling like they were about to try and manipulate him which he simply gritted his teeth and quietly said to himself "NEVER!" "Okay like my wife said my name is Maury and we have this friend who sort of helped me out at his concert once, which is were I met this beautiful lady" as he held her hand" "And well he told me he was going to give us this spaceship designed in away we would think is cool and he wanted us to carry out a few tasks for him that the universe needed to be done" Moon while Maury talked had spent much of that time searching through some small rectangle disks things and put the first one in this box she had also had brought down with her and had set on a table. Moon then said" This is what in our day is called a Boombox. I'm guessing your not into Transformers. Our youngest is really into and one of them actually turn into it but nevermind that. I do tend to ramble" "It's one of the reasons I love you, babe" Maury said as he smiled at her. Horga'hn wanted to vomit in his mouth at the public affection. These aliens creatures are just as bad as my people! He thought to himself. "...so I am going to start to the first song" Maury finshied. Horga'hn noticed he lost track of what they had been saying he was so disgusted but said noting. Then he pushed play.

    I've been alone
    with you inside my
    And in my dreams
    I've kissed your
    lips a thousand
    I sometimes see
    you pass
    outside my door
    Hello,is it me
    you're looking
    I can see it in your
    I can see it in your
    You're all I've ever
    wanted,and my
    arms are open wide
    Cause you know
    just what to say
    And you know just
    what to do
    And I want to tell
    you so much,I
    love you...
    I long to see the
    sunlight in your
    And tell you time
    and time again
    how much I care
    Sometimes I
    feel my heart
    will overflow
    Hello, I've just
    got to let you
    Cause I wonder
    where you are
    And I wonder what
    you do
    Are you somewhere
    feeling lonely,or is
    someone loving you?
    Tell me how to win
    your heart
    For I haven't got a
    But let me start by
    saying, I love

    As the song played on Horga'hn felt tears muster in his eyes and it made him think of Galley. She had been meant to be his queen. Like him she had be selected by tradition to one day be queen and also had been made to spend her teen years in the throne room and only like throne room. Even though they were uneasy around each other over 3 years they grew to know each other, shared their dreams and even fell in love. Then the fire happen. It was from with either a stove left unattended by a servant or perhaps a steak off lighting sent down by one of the God's that started it, he never knew. It didn't matter. All that mattered is he somehow survived it and she didn't and that was when his already filled with hate for the ruling system went into extra boil. His one small spark of happiness from the entire situation literally went up in smoke. But this song was amazing! He couldn't get enough of it and fell to his knee's and cried! "My life has been for nothing" he wimpered.
    Maury and Moon sort of went to him. "It doesn't have to be over, man. You still have time as long as the old love organ in your chest pumping" Horga'hn smilled "I understand what you mean. I should point out are :lover organ: is actually more near our stomach' Maury and Moon laughed 'See friend, Your already making jokes. That's a great way to start" Moon said. "Your right, Of course. Granted it is true, You guys do know we are aliens right?" Anyways think you for your song. "Don't think me. Think Lionel. Well him and our other friend we can't really say much about." Moon said" We would live the song with you but you people don't have electricity so it's kind of pointless but I assure their is proably some grovey chicks and dudes out their on this world who also can make great music. Go give it a chance." Horga'hn politely bowed his head. ""Guess it's time to go" Maury said and almost as soon as it was over a energy beam went over them and they were gone. No doubt back to their spacecraft and heading either home or one of those other tasks.
    Horga'hn decided that this was not going to be a day to end sex or love or art or anything. It was going to be a day to celebrate it. He vowed to himself to spend the rest of his days as King embracing love and making the planet and planet filled with pleasure and happiness.