Kelvinverse Enterprise Bridge

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    Aside from the obvious seats for Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov, there were a bunch of extra workstations scattered across the bridge set. Was it ever explained what the extra workstations were supposed to be for?

    (And can I get this moved from Fan Art to Trek Tech, please?)
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    Done. :techman:
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    Thank you!
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    Our own @F. King Daniel had a layout that was shared in the Kelvin Subforum:
    Using that I explored the Bridge itself to identify the markers best I could:
    If you can't read then here is what I think, starting top left of the Main display and going clockwise:
    1. Observatory
    2. Weapons
    3. Defense
    4. Science
    5. Aux Systems Display
    6. Communications
    7. Engineering
    8. Environment
    9. Observatory

    In the Center, it is harder to read. Starting from the top and moving clockwise:
    A. Threat Management
    B. Security
    C. Aux Science?
    D. Aux. Com
    E. Maintenance/Machines?
    F. Damage Control
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    Those podiums either side of the captain's chair are auxiliary science and communications consoles, I've seen elevation views of the bridge calling them out clearly. I imagine they were put there in case they wanted Spock or Uhura close to the Captain for a scene while still pressing buttons. I think Spock stands at one for five seconds when the Enterprise comes out of warp over Vulcan.
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    As much as I don't like the super-shiny-bright look of the JJprise in general, I gotta admit that this bridge layout is one of the best uses of the bridge space of any configuration. The CO has a direct eyeline to almost everyone plus the window and systems displays behind, the "pit" has numerous stations to fill it, and there's still ample room for other characters to stand around. The only real waste of space is the area in front of the main window, which is characteristic of practically ALL Trek bridges because that's where the cameras usually go.

    The "observatory" is ironic because it's the most hidden from view. I guess they intend it to be some form of sensor station, filling in the role of being able to "look" where the main window isn't pointing and filling in the overall picture accordingly.

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    I'd more than half agree. The CO has great eyelines to all the main stations! But also terrible eyelines because of all the additional backup stations and transparency bits. It effectively looks busier (which was the goal), but if cleaned up a little, it could be one of the most functional bridge spaces in Trek history. Tied with the original TOS bridge, because that had truly great eyelines (another case where smaller is actually more functional: no wasted space, no looking across a DSC football field to say something to a coworker)... except when the CO had to turn all the way around.