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    And the reviews are continuing to roll in.

    Not many spoilers, but we are getting a background story on a character that I didn't expect. :bolian:

    And no, I'm not referencing Big Boo.


    This reviewer just mentions the 1st 3 eps, but not in detail.


    ^^ My fav line is the last one.... :mallory:

    You’re just not likely to see women on TV as real as these characters. They’re mostly all great, but some deserve a special shout-out (in alphabetical order): Danielle Brooks as Taystee, Selenis Leyva as Gloria and, of course, Kate Mulgrew as the indomitable Red. :bolian:

    Uzo, Samira and Natasha at the Gay Pride parade in Brazil.


    June 12th is Valentine's Day in Brazil? :confused:


    This next clip is hilarious.


    ^I guess this means Piper has joined the drama club. :p

    Black is the new orange?


    This next site is NOT heaping praise on Taylor's latest red carpet gown. :wtf:


    2 lies and a truth with Morello.


    Well we know the 3rd choice is an obvious lie!


    This time with Black Cindy.



    And now with Pennsatucky.


    You already know this answer if you watched the trailer.


    Sound bites from Europe with Uzo, Taylor, Laura and Laverne.


    High heeled Duct tape flip flops???? :vulcan:


    Another new season 3 clip.

    Rule #81????

    What happened to 1-80?


    "Her Disney Princess is clearly Jasmine." :confused:


    Meet Lolly in under 10 seconds.


    "Oh yeah, you should have killed her." :guffaw:

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    Several "2 more minutes" with our 4 Ladies.



    And the intensity of Suzanne and the lack of input Laverne has on her character.



    I think they're talking about a season 3 scene.


    How do you explain this on the workman's compensation claim form?


    The girls play on Tinder.


    Laura has real height requirements. :lol:

    I like Uzo's comment, "That looks like the real life male Suzanne. :wtf:


    This is something different.


    Neat, but different from my usual links.


    I have a feeling things don't fall back into place very easily for P/A in season 3.


    And not just because of Stella.


    Nice mix of season 1 & 2 P/A.



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    Taylor and Laura have such an amazing chemistry, there scenes together is so believable. The very fact that both actresses are so savvy( appears to be ) , open and comfortable with each other gives a huge boost to the show .

    I have only seen one of Taylor's interviews and she is certainly open, down to earth & well centered person . I sincerely hope she continues to be and surrounds herself with people ie; Natasha, Rose that will be a positive and not a negative to her role as Piper.

    Im so glad Laura is back . It would not be the same without her . Also i hope Lorraine returns :)
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    This interviewer is a real fan girl.


    Uzo needs bodyguards while running her marathons.


    Taylor is staging an intervention for Netflix bingers.


    "With friends you could actually hug." :guffaw:


    Uzo chimes in.


    "Study some geometry." :rommie:


    Selenis has her say on the subject.


    "Take the dog out!" :bolian:


    Piper and Taylor...


    "I watch the show with some jealousy." :p


    Taylor can no longer sneak into the NYU Library.


    Hey, she's over 30... time to start going to the NY Public Library and leave NYU to the students.

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    Multiple new sound bites from season 3 scenes that haven't played before.


    I think I'm going to like the new prison counselor. (She'll probably turn out to be a puppy killer. :rolleyes: )


    Kate in Cleveland with FOUR of her ex-husband's sisters in the front row. :mallory:


    She talks her book, Kathryn Janeway and OitNB show. :bolian:


    The family album.



    I'm biased too. :rommie:


    Why was the Larry storyline polarizing? Seriously? :wtf:


    Cuz the fictional Larry was a jerk! :scream:

    Samira on NPR.


    Samira, Uzo and Natasha parading in Brazil. :)


    Yael teaching Uzo to speak Aussie.


    "This Emmy was not a mistake." :techman:

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    7 questions TIME wants answered in season 3.


    A really good interview with Beth Fowler, the actress who plays Sr. Ingalls, and the real nun who was in jail with Piper Kerman, Sr Platte.


    I love the headline on this next review.


    An interview with Laura about Alex.


    ETA: How the actresses of OITNB are using this exposure to spring into other projects.


    Supposedly this next link is a primer to bring us up to speed for season 3, but it "only" teases 11 characters.

    Watch this even if you aren't a fan of Virgin Media.

    Its a "hoot"!


    (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)

    Lea's new album.


    How can you "rank" only 10 characters out of 30?

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    I like how early they dropped the date. They didn't waste any time to establish it was Mother's Day. This sets the exact timeline as 4 1/2 months after the end of season 1, with about 8 months left in Piper's original sentence.
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    I've done 2 and a half eps and WAAAAA I have to stop and sleep!

    Why couldn't they do this tomorrow night?

    Oh and thanks for the warning in the TV thread that TPTB dropped the season "early". Not sure when it started, but I got to it by 10:30 tonight.

    And.. as they say, "So far... so good!"
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    I have to finish 2 rewatch eps of Defiance, to be ready for the new ep of Defiance tomorrow and THEN I will watch Orange. I will be watching Orange on Sunday :)
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    Evidently they dropped the season at 9 pm eastern time yesterday, instead of the planned 3 am today.


    New trailer out. :bolian:

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    Got through episode three. Really good so far, but also brutal.
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    Its amazing how many (pieces of) backstory we are getting so far.

    And may I say... the old saying IS true.

    "Still waters, run deep."
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    :scream: :eek: :scream:
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    Did you just see the third episode?
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    I just saw the 13th.


    I was hoping against hope I'd see "someone" at the end of the 13th so I :scream:

    And when I realized I had to wait 12 months to answer another very important question, I :eek:.

    Of course, the cynic in me would say "You know the answer, bi0tch!"


    Effing "Chekov's gun."

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    Red velvet...IS NOT A THING!
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    Anyone else watching yet? :confused:

    I've had to sneak over to the TV thread to find like minded fans. :alienblush:


    I SOOOO agree with the first cliffhanger and the last!:scream:


    ETA II: My TV/Media post.




    LOTS OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Season 3 musings.

    I think season 3 shows us how people are acclimating their environment to their lifestyle (creating their own religions, etc) and in some cases how they are "letting" their environment change them.

    Some for the better, like Pennsatucky. :cardie:

    Some for the worse, like Piper. :devil:

    Some have tried and (?) failed, like Nicky. :weep:

    Some seem like they are progressing like Morello, only to show us in graphic detail how little they have progressed. (Christopher) :sigh:

    I also liked how we saw Black Cindy respond to the culinary crisis with the simple lie about requiring a kosher meal, only to discover a peace she never suspected when she studied the religion. Her flashbacks to her strict fundamentalist father as she walked her journey, and then the freedom she experienced in the lake was inspiring. :beer:

    I really liked how the writers have looked beyond the obvious, odious Correction Officer stereotype and shown them as complicated people in their own right. Something I think the real Piper can't see because she's only seen them from the prisoner perspective. I feel for most of them, except the donut boy and now Caputo. He truly has sold himself out and turned himself into that which he despises. Fig. :brickwall:

    Bennett's rabbiting was sad but "to be expected" since there truly was no future for these two. :(

    I kept waiting for Pornstache's mom to show some psychotic tendencies, but I guess there's always next year. :confused:

    Nicky... I'm still am holding out hope that she was at the back of the bus in the finale. :techman:

    Maritza? If she doesn't kill that Correction officer next year, I know Flaca and Gloria definitely will! :klingon:

    The real question is "will Sophia go after Gloria when she gets out of the SHU?" :eek:

    I bristled at what appeared to be the seduction of Red... or Healey this season, until Red dressed me (and Healy) down about leaving her without any power/money except "one coin" and then judging her for spending that one coin to get what she needs. That was really well done. :mallory:

    Things I was shocked at... is who are the murderers in this group.

    In season 1 it was Yoga Jones and Miss Claudette.

    In season 2 it was Vee. :evil:

    In season 3... it was Chang and Norma!!!!!! :cardie:

    There were tons of backstory tidbits this year.

    I never would have suspected Watson was raised as a Muslim, or that Flaca's crime was selling paper with sugar water on it, or how Pennsatucky's descent into her drug hell was fueled by her mother's need to "drug her" with mountain dew to impress upon the social workers how sick the kid was, and how later men would bribe her with the same drink for sexual favors. And Nicky... oh my dear sweet Nicky. Even without the mountain dew and the sellout mother, you and Pennsatucky became ensnared by similar addictions, though you were light years apart in wealth and education and rehab opportunities. :sigh:

    It started out lighter and sweeter this season, but the undercurrent of Piper's descent reminded us that these women are in prison, not some summer camp for wayward teens. Piper & Alex were still having sex, but were no longer making love. Norma and Red's estrangement was also hard to take. Big Boo's rapprochement with Pennsatucky was nice to see, until the planned rape of the CO. Glad to see that didn't happen, but wished they left him where another CO could have found him before he sobered up. Aneida and Daya will always be a mother/daughter relationship that as Maria said in season 1, should be a poster for birth control. :p

    And what can I say when Suzanne ends up being one of the sanest people on the show this year? Obscene... but still relatively normal. :)

    Yes, I'm looking at you Lolly! :lol:

    At least she and Poussey look like they will end up with a girlfriend next year. No... NOT each other! :alienblush:

    Things I liked... Taystee gaslighting her friend Poussey in an effort to sober her up, and the flashback to a young Miss Rosa. Finding out Miss Rosa ended her life at her own hands, doing a "Thelma and Louise" into a quarry.

    It was definitely a different feel to season 3, but then it's only been 3 seasons which have spanned less than 12 months real time. It can't all be sweetness and light or heavy duty death.

    Do you think they'll put Piper's sister in law in Litchfield when the authorities catch up to them? :vulcan:

    You don't really think Stella will keep her mouth shut that long, do you??? :rommie:
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    More arguing against the model of dropping all 13 eps at once. :vulcan:


    I don't agree with the premise since as much fun as it is to nitpick each ep weekly on the Tbbs... I'd much rather SEE each ep as fast/slow as I want than simply post about it. :rommie:

    I also think its a strange argument to say the show can't be good if I don't know how many other people are watching it.

    Isn't it "good" if I like it when I watch it? :vulcan:

    More importantly, here's Uzo. :techman:


    For the love of Piper.


    The love for OitNB continues.


    ETA: ABC's video, candid comments from the cast. :mallory:


    And keep watching for ABC's 2 month old interview with Uzo. :lol:


    ETA II: :p :rofl: :guffaw: :p :rofl: :guffaw: :p :rofl:


    ETA: III


    And I want to know these too! :vulcan:

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