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    there's not a huge amount, but I think there is comedy in Orange
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    Hey you tried, don't sweat it! :)

    Oh gawd yes!



    "Really quiet sex, every night at 9."

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    Well you don't have to feel bad they are in there but abuses of power over people with no power are still shitty. It doesn't matter if the person is a murderer a guard being an asshole to them unprofessionally is still an asshole.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    There's nothing wrong with Drug dealers. The government, any government can decide to arbitrarily criminalize anything, and then middlemen have to stand up to supply a need that will not quit.

    You want to get rid of pot dealers, then you legalize pot and Big tabocco makes trillions and the government makes billions taxing from both ends. And honestly pot is a much better alternative to tobacco considering the whole cancer thing. But if you illegalize tabacco, then middle men are going to stand up to supply a need that will not quit.

    Recently I heard locally that actual human beings were going to jail for smuggling internationally: counterfeit Pokemon collectible card game kits.

    Kids know the difference, but poor kids can't afford the real ones, and rich kids won't let the fake cards into their games, and if the rich kids try to play with the poor kids they go home san sandshoes.
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    Young dumb kids can't tell the difference at all. It's only when you get into organized gaming with them that it becomes relevant.
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    SPOILERS :eek:

    SPOILERS :eek:

    SPOILERS :eek:

    episode # 8 Moscow Mule

    (SMILE when you call her that. :klingon: )


    As much as I like episode #4, I think this episode epitomizes best what I love about this series... and yes you HAVE to watch 1-7 to even come close to understanding it.

    Its the many layers of the multiple storylines that we are now getting on a "weekly" (if we pretend its still one ep/week) basis. Each week we are getting paid off for plot points dropped in previous eps, and we are set up for plot points that won't be explained till the last 2 eps, hell some that won't come to fruition until next season/year! :wtf:

    Unlike the last review, I'm going to start with little moments that would normally be shoehorned into an addendum.

    FIRST and foremost, who would have ever guessed that Morello would have a pair of brass balls on her?

    When Pornstache had her drive out onto a country road, far from prying eyes, to lean on her to name Red's contraband supplier... you can see that she was scared to death. I think she swallowed about 12 times before he even unbelted his seat belt and leaned across her while threatening un-named bodily harm.

    She didn't try to threaten him back, she didn't claim to know someone in the mafia who could make him or his family disappear, she didn't threaten to turn him into his supervisor.

    No... she just continued to maintain she knew nothing and if he was going to hurt her, he better get to it.


    I think I love ruby red lipped Morello almost as much as Nicky now!


    And now I wonder... what did she do to get herself sent to prison in the first place???

    It was a nice touch to see Miss Claudette back in the prison library, studying law books, and later to hear her ask Piper what it was like to visit with her fiancé in prison. We know from that letter she read a couple "weeks" ago that someone is coming, someone important enough to her that she's willing to risk "hoping" for a better life.

    I was encouraged to see Piper take the question seriously, and not to be afraid to ask a few of her own about why Miss C never has visitors.

    Harking back to Piper's recent revelations, Miss C answered simply, "I guess I just looked away."

    If we didn't have all the background we have on Miss C... that moment wouldn't be as powerful, just as the LACK of background on Morello made her moment MUCH more surprising!

    Speaking of quiet moments between friends... what can I say about Poussey and Taystee? Poussey prying into Taystee's experience with the parole board, reassuring Taystee that if she stays Poussey won't try to keep the library job that Taystee loves so much. And later, her joy for Taystee when told the parole came through! Now THAT's how a friend reacts when you get great news, even if it means you are leaving her.

    Poussey, you rock! :angel:

    And now... for the "epilogue"... ;)
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    Piper has been on easy street for the last few weeks, because she had been the fair haired girl who caught Sam Healy's eye not to mention his imagination. She couldn't know of the mail order Ukrainian bride at home, waiting not so patiently for her green card, and probably suspects little of the bullying he endures from Caputo, his prison supervisor.

    So when Piper did an end run around Healy "last week" to get the track reopened for her fellow inmates, he was pissed. Then to read an article about her in the New York FREAKING Times by her LOVER... well, that just sealed her fate. If Healy can't have her the way he wants, then he'll just show her how little she matters in the scheme of things.

    Yup... I gleaned all that :lol: from one scene where he dumped his copy of the Times in the trash in front of her and poured coffee on top of it after teasing her of its existence and from another scene to be named later.

    The rat bastard! :devil:

    Maybe that's a little harsh... after all, there was another bastard involved in that scene. The one who wrote the article without really interviewing the woman named in the story. :rolleyes:

    When Larry tells her later, that "some woman" at his celebration claimed she felt like she knew Piper from his words "because" he had captured her "spirit" so well... Piper simply cried as she told her clueless lover, "That girl that you wrote about? That's not me."

    Thank god the lady was at the phones again with a ready supply of Kleenex for our misunderstood friend. :techman:

    Do you remember last week when Crazy Eyes pulled open the waist band of her pants and looked in as she asked Officer Healy to also look? She thought she had the FLU... IN her pants!

    I guess he should have looked, because it has hit full force this week and everyone is sick. So sick that Nicky and Piper are the only ones who have shown up for work in the electrical shop.

    Luschek... the sexually & racially inappropriate boss of the shop has a new job for them. Go to the laundry and fix a broken dryer. He was nice enough to give them a dryer manual... too bad its printed in Hindu... :rolleyes: I SAID he was racially inappropriate.

    Uhhh does everyone remember what happened last week when Piper went to the laundry and tried to make nice with Alex?

    Yeah, she got shot down.

    Guess who's trying to make nice this week... with NICKY!

    Nicky: Hey! I hear you have a broken appliance, Ma'am.
    Alex: Yeah?
    Nicky: Yeah, a real rusty old thing... that needs fixing.
    Alex: Oh... (She slips into a southern accent) well... my husband isn't home. HE has the checkbook... hopefully there's some way I can pay you.

    Nicky's roleplaying goes too "hetero" for Alex's tastes and she drops the act quickly which is fine by a nervous Piper standing silently in the background.

    Before Nicky can tackle the dryer known as Myra, silent Norma has come to fetch Nicky to Mama Red's side, leaving silent Piper alone in the laundry with Alex... and a wrench. (sounds like the board game "Clue".)

    Remember last week? (Gosh I ask that a lot!) Last week when Piper tried to engage Alex in banter over a shared experience in Bali? When Piper tried to "make nice" and was blown off by the holier than thou drug runner?

    Guess what she's up to this week?

    As she watches Piper strap on Nicky's tool belt over her prison scrubs, she sidles over to observe, "You don't look half bad in those." Piper looks stunned, then mumbles "Thanks" before she runs away from Alex and towards the safer "Myra".

    Alex, the self described spider in Laura Prepon's (Alex's actress) web, begins the slow seduction of Piper as they bond over prison guard gossip/boxers, over shared mutual distrust of Pennsytucky, and over a broken dryer. I think getting herself trapped by the extra from "Deliverance" was a godsend for Alex. She got to rail and be needy at/with her former lover, not to mention was able to literally be IN HER FACE as the two bantered through the dryer's glass door.

    Alex: So what? Nicky never came back?
    Piper: (Intent on undoing the latch with the wrench) Your girlfriend? No.
    Alex: (BIG SMILE at the distracted blonde) My Girlfriend?
    Piper: (Still distracted, she responds breathlessly) Yeah.
    Alex: (Still smiling) What's that supposed to mean?
    Piper: Nothing, never mind.
    Alex: No, what do you mean by that?
    Piper: I said nothing! I said... (she finally looks at the smiling Alex) never mind.
    Alex: What? You expect ME to wait for YOU to come around?
    Piper: Come around?
    Alex: Yeah.
    Piper: As in... "get back together" come around? Are you kidding me? I'M engaged.
    Alex: Right!

    Did you notice how skillfully that spider maneuvered that fly into her web? :p

    Heck, and Alex's STILL stuck in the freaking dryer. :lol:

    (Time for bed, will pick up later!)
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    After skillfully engaging Piper with her flirtatious banter, Alex continues to set her trap by reminding the blonde that while she loved the old Piper... loved having sex with the her, Alex was not at all interested in the new un-improved version (the Park slope narcissist.)


    Now the spider goes in for the kill by making their estrangement all Piper's :wtf: fault, causing the woman who up till now had been patiently working on the dryer to literally lose her mind. :scream:

    Alex: Fuck YEAH!
    Piper: FUCK YOU! AND THIS DRYER! THIS FUCKING... (she hits the dryer) SHITTY PIECE (she hits it again and again) OF GOD DAMNED DRYER!

    She hits it again, hits it so often the ringing noise is causing Alex to cover her ears with her hands to protect herself. Then Piper starts kicking the door to vent her frustration but Alex doesn't mind, look at her, she's enjoying the show as "primal Piper" becomes unleashed. UNTIL Luschek arrived to also "appreciate" primal Piper and discovered Alex stuck in the machine.

    Talk about going from 60 mph to 0 in 3 seconds!

    Alex: Fuck.

    Could Alex have planned this any better?

    They flirt, they fight, now they're called into the principal's office to face the consequences of breaking idiotic rules over proper decorum in the laundry room. That's when "bad girl" Alex is at her best, making Piper laugh when Alex teases the authority figure that holds their freedom in his hands.

    Alex: I'm more of a dishwasher kind of gal, sir.


    Heck, Alex had ME at that line!

    After putting both on report, Healy delivers one more "shot' towards the blonde as she tries to leave, harking back to her boyfriend's article in the New York FREAKING Times and the nose he's had out of joint since the track incident last week.

    Healy: Chapman, ya think if I wrote stories about you, I might make the papers? I'm gathering a nice collection here.



    So... after all this work, did Alex succeed???

    You be the judge.

    Its a day or 2 later, and Piper is wandering through the suburbs *white girls barracks) whe she stands outside Alex's cubical. Alex is sick in bed, finally having succumbed to the flu. Like a good hostess, Alex sits up on the bed and invites Piper "in". Pipes sits on the bed and listens to Alex plot revenge on Tiffany (the woman who trapped her in the dryer). Piper is obviously out of sorts and Alex gently teases her, drawing a half hearted "push" to her knee by the former lover.

    I think that's the first time they've touched this season.

    Alex prattles on while Piper just looks away, lost in her own pain. When prattling doesn't work, when humor doesn't work, "sensitive Alex" comes to the fore.

    Alex: What's wrong.... really.

    And Piper tells her.

    Piper: He wrote an article about me...

    Later, this would be what Larry will consider the ultimate betrayal. This intimacy of words with a person who could understand exactly what Piper was going through...

    And she does... understand what Piper is going through.

    Alex slowly reached out and lays her hand on Piper's... slowly stroking her pain away.

    Thank god for the sneeze or who KNOWS what they would have been written up for next! ;)
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    Epilogue Moscow Mule... continues.

    Clueless Larry has written an article about Piper... "One Sentence, Two Prisoners". Piper isn't thrilled with the title but she's called him to congratulate his publication in the New York FREAKING Times! Since Healy was an ass, she hasn't been able to read it herself, so she asks him to read it on the phone.

    Doesn't that strike you as strange? Wouldn't you have thought he would have shared it with her BEFORE sharing it with the entire NYT's reading public? Wouldn't you have thought he would have cleared with her what parts of her life she wanted the wide world to know about?

    What a punk. :klingon:

    Of course, it doesn't matter what you write, it just matters that you are published and so their friends decide to fete Larry at a bar. Larry at least has the good graces to seem out of sorts, knowing that something is missing in his joy. I would have been happy with his epiphany if he had taken the next step and realized that PIPER was what was missing.

    But he didn't.

    It was an interesting episode this "week" with respect to the interweaving pregnancy story lines. The pregnant Hispanic lady went into labor but couldn't go to the hospital until the contractions were a minute apart. Polly, Piper's best friend also went into labor while in the bar with Larry and their friends. She went much sooner. The flashbacks this week show Piper and Larry talking over their fears/feeling over the possibility that Piper was pregnant 3 months before she was to turn herself into the prison. Piper wanted children and thought being pregnant would allow her to do something "meaningful" with her time in the clink. Larry doesn't sound like he's interested in kids, and he really ISN'T interested in being a single parent.

    "Past Piper" cries on Larry's shoulder when the pregnancy test returns NEGATIVE.

    The pregnant Hispanic lady cries BEFORE she delivers when she sees how little respect Mama Diaz has for her daughter Daya AND vice a versa. (You two are like a novella... you are like some cautionary tale shit, you two should tour schools for abstinence, because a minute with you two is better than "plan B" )

    There are no tears when newly delivered Hispanic Mama is wheeled back into the common room of the prison after her trip to the hospital. There are no tears because she was in shock, after the delivery and leaving the baby behind.

    Polly has no tears as she cradles her baby in the hospital, but that's ok because Piper is crying enough for the 2 of them while she talks to Larry on the phone the day after the birth.

    Piper: Do you think I'm a narcissist, or a horse's ass?
    Larry: No! You're not. Why would you say that?
    Piper: (remorseful) I missed your party... (quietly) I couldn't get the dryer open... And I wasn't there when my best friend had her baby. It's just shitty.
    Larry: (Looks around the hospital hallway) I know.
    Piper: (Just starts crying into the tissue her fellow inmate just handed her.)

    Mama Diaz comes by to check on her daughter, Daya, who's still in bed with nausea. Mama reassured Daya that her symptoms would go away in "9 months".

    There's yet one more mother/daughter tale to discuss from this episode.
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    Here's a lesson Piper learned, her 1st days in prison.


    Moscow Mule's Epilogue concludes.


    Our last Mother daughter dynamic is actually a threesome and I mean that only in the most respectful way you could possible imagine. ;)


    That's right, I mean the M/D relationship between Red and Nicky.

    But first, Mendez AKA Pornstache comes to deliver some "sad" news, and a warning.

    It seems one of Red's prison daughters is going through with-drawl because Caputo's efforts are preventing Mendez from bringing in his drugs/"product".

    This is news to Red. Not the fact that Mendez is a prison drug pusher, but the fact that one of her supposedly "clean" kids has been using.

    Mendez wants Red to handle the with-drawl quietly, so Caputo won't put even more restrictions in place. (Recall in the previous ep Red refused to let Mendez send his "product" through her kitchen with her usual smuggler.)

    Red needs to do something to protect her girls and protect her smuggling operation... and she needs Nicky to put it into motion. She pulls Nicky off her assignment fixing the dryer in the laundry room for Luschek and sends her on something more important.

    She has to convince Tricia, who's sweating herself towards dehydration, to surrender herself to the authorities. It seems one only gets 2 strikes in the Russian's playbook before Mama Red cuts you loose to flounder alone.

    Nicky is appalled. :eek:

    Nicky: (To Red) You're taking this personally... its not personal, its chemical!

    But Red has a way to get people to do things they don't want to do, and we see Nicky go to visit a sweaty, shaking Tricia in her bunk where they reminisce about Nicky's own with drawl experiences. Tricia is sure she'll get through this phase and back "on the wagon" before the guards suspect a thing with help from her friends/family.

    Tricia: I'm lucky you're here with me.

    Nicky doesn't look like she agrees with that statement. Then Red's right hand, her VP, her "Spock" delivers the bad news. Tricia is going to go to the Correction Officer to confess her drug use and current situation. Tricia balks, promising to stay clean, begging Nicky to intercede with Red, but Spock hardens her heart and tells Tricia that Red is fighting a bigger problem than just one junkie's addiction. That's when Tricia raises up and mentions the unspoken promise... "Mama Red "is supposed to take care of her daughters, Nicky is supposed to take care of her...

    Tricia: You're supposed to be my family!
    Nicky: Not anymore.

    Then as a very unhappy, tearful Nicky walks away, we hear Tricia screaming for her, pleading for her "not" to go.

    I never realized Tricia was Nicky's room-mate in "the suburbs". It became obvious, however, when later that day Red moved silent Norma into Tricia's old bunk. Nicky protested, to no avail, and Nicky uttered a silly comment, "I have friends on my own, there's other people in this prison not just the ones who drink your god-damned kool-aid." Mama shuts her down with a warning. As Nicky turns and runs from "Mama", she nearly takes another inmate's head off in the process... an act that Mendez (who recently struck out with Morello re: finding Red's secret supplier) found very interesting watching from his guard office window.

    Red was another one with flashbacks this week. We see it was her that gave the Russian crime boss the idea to supply schools/hospitals with vegetables from Neptune's to help launder their illicit cash.

    It wasn't until we flashbacked to Red's first day in the prison with C.O. Sam Healy giving her a tour that we realized the Crime boss wasn't just supplying schools and hospitals... he was supplying PRISONS too. :techman:

    Mendez, however, couldn't figure that out on his own. There was only 5 vendors allowed on the property... but he didn't want to shake down each one, he needed help and he found it in the prison chapel.

    He didn't even have to threaten her to get the information. Hell, he didn't even have to ask the whole question.

    Nicky: Neptune's produce. That's how she gets the contraband in. Now leave me the fuck alone.

    Oh Nicky. :(

    Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. :sigh:

    [I love this show!]
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    I loved this and watched all 13 episodes 11/11 when it came out. I look forward to next season and wish it would come quicker. I also enjoyed reading this thread. When JR was mentioned from Dallas I wondered who else remember that Kate played a country Western star in one episode that ended up in bed with JR?
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    CLUE: The ORANGE is the New Black board game version.


    Piper Chapman as Miss Scarlet. Represented by the red piece, Miss Scarlet is the sexy flirt of the suspects. She knows she is beautiful and will flaunt that to her advantage. At a young age, she received all the attention and this made her mother mad. Miss Scarlet believes her mother is hiding massive amounts of wealth and since her mother won't share this money, the younger Scarlet has taken to dating wealthy bachelors. She jumps from one to the next without a thought, hoping her beauty and charm will carry her through into the next will.

    Crazy Eyes as Professor Plum, is the purple pawn. He would be the smartest man on the planet if he wasn't so scatterbrained. Slightly balding and middle-aged, Peter Plum can't remember where he's been the last five minutes of any part of any day, so how could he remember if he murdered Mr. Boddy or not? He's a simple, intelligent man and good-natured at heart, but he likes to steal his own things. That's because he's just absent-minded enough to do so!

    Alex Vause as Colonel Mustard: This character is represented by the color yellow. He is your typical adventurer with a rich military background. Colonel Mustard (his first name in the British version is Michael) continues to practice archery and shooting by going hunting. He's a dashing and handsome man with a proud demeanor. He loves to challenge people to a duel if they cross him and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. A bachelor, Colonel Mustard has been smitten by Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet. He is a tough man to accuse, so you had better be right.

    Aleida Diaz as Mrs Peacock, a widow who is dressed in blue. Her latest dead husband's estate is almost all gone because she must maintain an extravagant lifestyle. She's proper and has excellent manners, but is this just a disguise for her past? All four of her husbands have either disappeared or have died mysteriously. Is Mr. Boddy her fifth victim?

    Red Reznikov as Mrs. White Blanche White is the maid of the manor whose pawn color is white, and isn't exempt from any accusations. She's got the common characteristics of an old biddy. She owns nothing to her name and takes her domestic duties very seriously. If something is out of place, she had better not know about it.

    Pennsytucky as Mr. John Green, indicated by the green pawn, is a smooth talker. His family is made up of shysters. His dad is a low down thief and his mom tells fortunes wherever and whenever she can. Guess what: she's not a psychic. Mr. Green found a calling in spirituality. This means he sets up traveling tents and asks people to give him money which is for the less fortunate, and that means the money is for him. During his travels, "Reverend" Green met and had certain dealings with Mr. Boddy. Did Mr. Boddy have something on the Reverend?


    The Library

    The Kitchen

    The Shower

    The Dining Room

    The Laundry

    The Chapel

    The Visitation Room

    The Utility Closet

    The Common Room




    Extension Cord

    Sharpened Wooden Cross


    Toothbrush shiv

    Extra credit for guessing the IDENTITY of Mr Boddy:

    Is it ...










    COMING SOON... to an imaginary store near you! :)
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    I had heard of it and seen a few pics of her character, but I haven't watched the show since the 80's and don't recall the particular episode.

    Which maybe is a good thing. :lol:

    Glad you are enjoying the thread, the eps are becoming so dense with plot now that its hard to think through each installment.

    I hope to come up with a list of things TPTB haven't told us yet about these characters and their lives... like where the hell is Dr Danny?

    Does everyone realize, according to "Perfect Piper's" brother "Creative Cal"... that they have another sibling, "Dr. Danny"?

    What's he a doctor of? Medicine? Chiropractic? Philosophy? Music, Aerospace Engineering?

    Hell, is Dr. Danny a man or is that short for Danielle????

    I also think we need a list of nicknames used in this show, and not just for Piper.

    So far she's been called Taylor Swift, Honey Boo Boo (in the same ep) and Dandelion. I know there's more, but????

    I can't wait for next year either, I just hope that all those people pushing EMMY talk don't forget this show NEXT JUNE! :rolleyes:

    Maybe NETFLIX should send copies of "my" CLUE game around next spring, to remind voters of this show. :bolian:

    Or this youtube vid. :rofl:


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    Here is an Interview with some of the OitNB Cast and Piper Kerman:


    I almost didn't recognize Crazy Eyes, I had to do a double take.
    I love how Kate switches back and forth between her normal pronounciation and Reds russian accent...
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    I wonder if there was something in the article about Healy, I wonder if that's why he threw the paper out and treated her differently afte that
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    I think Piper is right. Healy has a fantasy that they could be MORE than "friends" so he didn't like reading the article that her fiance had written. In the prison Healy is just competing for Piper with other women, but here is a young vital male who has a sexy job writing for the newspapers and has known Piper in the "biblical" sense.

    The article is an "in your face" reminder that the only woman Healy can get is a desperate green card seeking Ukranian.

    ETA: Finally listened to the 3 part interview http://video.msnbc.msn.com/mhp/52670041#52670041 (Must go fishing at the bottom of the page), very interesting talk and I agree that I would have walked right by "Crazy Eyes" without recognizing her. (Quite the compliment)
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    Interview with Big Boo: http://www.afterellen.com/lea-delaria-talks-big-boo-season-2-orange-is-the-new-black/07/2013/

    Interview with Laverne Cox: http://www.afterellen.com/watch-now...n-in-prison-and-meeting-jodie-foster/07/2013/

    Interview with one of the writers ( the only openly gay one on staff so you'll understand now why I howled at this quote... "I’ve actually found myself defending the straight characters more. It turns out sometimes straight people really are just straight!")


    The Books of OitNB: http://www.latimes.com/features/boo...hat-is-piper-reading-20130805,0,7439147.story

    Q&A with Piper Kerman author/ex-con. http://www.latimes.com/features/boo...rman-on-netflix-show-20130710,0,6863932.story

    LATimes review... I just love the first paragraph!
    As the fourth series in Netflix's attempt to change television and the world as we know it, "Orange Is the New Black" may feel a bit like the last bridesmaid, trailing in the petal-strewn wake of "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development." But as any rom-com addict knows, it's precisely that gal, the one bringing up the rear with the broken heel and the tilted headdress, who winds up stealing the show.

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