Just a quick refit-Enterprise beauty shot

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by David cgc, Nov 13, 2009.

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    (I just realized writing the topic, I really can't call this ship "the movie Enterprise" anymore)

    Clicky for the piccy.

    I suddenly felt the spirt move me today waiting for class to begin, and fired up Lightwave for a quick pic. I couldn't have spent more than ten minutes setting up the camera and the key light (and most of that was fine-tuning the light to get a spec hit I liked). Since it was just me doing a quick little thing, I didn't do a proper multi-file breakdown, but instead manually turned on and off each set of lights and glows to render out six layers (ambient occlusion, key diffusion, key spec, model glows, the model's self-light rig, and the model's lighting-rig's lens flares), all saved as HDR .exr files.

    I felt like trying something new, so rather than using my trusty old BetterSpace star field (first thing I ever made in Lightwave!) I gave Greg Martin's photoshop star field a shot. It's definitely different. More painterly than usual. Also, while I was looking it up, I saw Greg Martin's doing a cool eight-planets multi-artist astronomical art thing that I thought was pretty inspiring.

    Anywho, I adjusted and bloomed the heck out of all my passes, slapped in some film grain, and called it done. Well, there was a little more fine-tuning and experimentation involved than that makes it sound like, but it's really more fun to do than it is to talk about.
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    very nice :) :techman:

    nope now its called the TMP Enterprise

    1701-A is still called the Enterprise A thankfully :)
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    Nice and spooky.
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    She will always be my only true love.
    (and Voyager too. I need a mistress, something fast and hot on the side)
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    Jul 5, 2009
    Absolutely perfection.
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    honestly i dont think there are any images of this ship that exist that belong in any category OTHER than "beauty shot"!!!