Jupiter 2 scratchbuild by Bill George

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Maurice, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Yes, Bill is a pro modelmaker, but he is also a big scifi fan and builds models from scratch just cuz.

    Here's an article on Modeler Magic about his recent project to build a replica of Lost In Space's Jupiter 2. Bill's model is pretty unique in that its exterior is based on the full size standing setpiece used in various episodes of the show, rather than the filming miniatures. It also has a complete control deck interior, and he built a bunch of at-scale bits of furniture and equipment seen outside the ship.

    Building the JUPITER 2 with Bill George <link>

    Video featuring the model made for his Sci-Fi Airshow site.
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    Gorgeous work there!
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    That is freakin' awesome! I'm in awe of the talent.
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    Awesome work. Fantastic detail.
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    How did they have the gallileo shuttlecraft fly past in background. I assume CGI? but how does it fly behind objects without a bluescreen?
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    Tom Hendricks
    Masking, a lot of masking. Its not just the Galileo, but all the props and tables as well.