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Fan Art Challenge Winner
June's contest challenge us to imagine the periodicals that we might find littered about the waiting room of a Star Trek sickbay. And as is inevitably the case you've had to wait a little longer than expected to see the doctor, however the receptionist is now calling your name and you have to relinquish that magazine, but which one has held your attention the longest...

We have three entries to choose from; inspired by fandom creations, planetary architecture and fitting in as many Easter Eggs as possible. ;)

The winner of the poll will sport the "Fan Art Challenge Winner" banner for the remainder of the month (see left <--) and has the honour of hosting July's Challenge (see here for details of the Theme).

You only ONE vote this month and here are the entries:

@aridas sofia
(My entry is an homage to the Treknical in-universe magazine "Starship Design" created by Todd Guenther back in 1984. The issue he published was said to be volume 34 from 2280. This one is the first issue published, 34 Earth years previous, in 2246, and given subtly altered graphics to reflect the earlier date. The ship is my design of the first perimeter action ship as I mentioned in Guenther's "Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 2", and as was modeled back in ~ 2007 by this forum's previous moderator Jason Lee, aka "Vektor".)





Thanks for voting. :bolian:
With a day to go until the poll closes we currently have a tie, so if you haven't voted yet please do so now. Your choice could make all the difference! :)
And the poll has now closed. Well done to all the entrants and thanks to everyone that voted, especially that tie-breaking voter, we now have a clear winner for June's Challenge and it is... aridas sofia.

Congratulations, @aridas sofia, the "Challenge Winner" banner will soon pass back to you and you also have the honour of hosting July's TOS-Up! Challenge! Just give a shout if you have any problems doing that. :bolian:
Wow. I did not expect that to happen. I was sure you were going to win, Starscape.

It looks like you have already handled posting the July challenge, so I will wait until it is over to post the vote thread (if I can remember how I did it before). :/

Thanks to everyone for selecting my humble scribblings from among such extraordinary efforts as those mounted by Starscape and Michael. I loved them both, and am a much more diehard TOS fan, so that is saying something. It’s a shame we did this one in midsummer because I think it was very interesting, and accessible to even those among us who don’t consider themselves to be “artists”.
We still need the main July contest thread (for posting final entries) if you'd like to create that @aridas sofia - I only linked to the theme vote thread, above.

Congrats again on the win and thanks for the kind words. :)