Jeffrey Hunter

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    Well according to Wikipedia on Jeffrey's death:
    While in Spain in November 1968 to film Cry Chicago (¡Viva América!), a story about the Chicago Mafia, Hunter was injured in an on-set explosion when a car window near him, which had been rigged to explode outward, accidentally exploded inward. Hunter sustained a serious concussion. According to Hunter's wife Emily, he "went into shock" on the plane ride back to the United States after filming and "couldn't speak. He could hardly move." After landing, Hunter was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles but doctors could not find any serious injuries save for a displaced vertebra and a concussion.

    On the afternoon of May 26, 1969, Hunter suffered an intracranial hemorrhage while walking down a three-stair set of steps at his home in Van Nuys, California. He fell, knocked over a planter, and struck his head on the banister, fracturing his skull. He was found unconscious by Frank Bellow, actor and friend of Hunter, who came for a visit, and taken to Valley Presbyterian Hospital where he underwent brain surgery. He died at about 9:30 the following morning at the age of 42.

    So more than likely, he suffered another stroke at Home due to his previous injuries and wasn't found in time to have a chance to survive the operation. Can't say if drinking had anything to do with him falling cause I've only seen people speculating that he was a boozer, to me it seems more plausible that Jeffrey had a stroke to cause his fatal fall. No one should speculate that alcohol was the reason cause you were not there with him when he fell.
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    Please don't resurrect twelve-year-old threads. Let them rest in peace.
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