Jayru (JSnaith's) 3D Trek

Soz for the delay - busy week. Anyways, the saucer is done and locked down -


I've got some free time today, so I am going to start work on the neck. As things stand it looks like next week's event is going to happen, although I haven't had the official word yet (that's tomorrow afternoon). Just will just have to see what happens. Either way, more later today!
Wow! Great work!
Thank you :-)

Great works as always!!
Thank you :-)

Today's update, which has to be the last for a while -


Wanted to get the stage where I could show how the ship separates, I hope this meets with general approval. No idea yet if this ship will have the ability to put itself back together. Something I shall think on.

This is as far as I can go at the moment, unless this afternoons call is that we're bumped again, I will be taking an enforced break of at least a couple of weeks. Neve fear, I will be coming back to this. I've been enjoying this, and more importantly enjoying finishing these projects!

LLAP to you all, and see you in a few weeks :-)
welcome back! i've been missing your regular updates... :D
Thank you - slowly getting back into things

Call this one the Horatio?
I could, but it would require a lot of geometry changes - I build things like names and reg numbers into the mesh, they are not done by texture map.

I have my eyes on a new laptop, which will speed things up a lot when I get it, but it's a few weeks away. Updates are going to depend on time on the big rig.

More soon.

I know things have slowed down. I am still recovering from my enforced break. Long story - short version, I was the primary witness in a major court case. 3 days on the stand which left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Not going into what the case was about. We did not get the result we hoped for. That's the issue with jury trials. But justice was done. Anyways, it has taken a toll on me and why I was away and why I needed to stop for a bit.

Still haven't got a new laptop, the earliest I can order is three weeks away (money, right?). So it all comes down to time on the Big Rig we have. I shall do my best to get more time on it :-)

Small updates -



Have started work on the deflector dish and reworked the spine and neck into one piece. I'm thinking the back of the spine is the best place for the torpedo launcher.

More soon!
Looking good!!

But more important.... Take care of yourself. What you describe sounds very draining, take your time to get back on your feet.
Thank you - I am doing so. The last few years with this hanging over me has been... Well not "fun." The whole court system has put me off being a witness again. But, I would do my civic duty again if I had to.

As always you did a really good job, also, yeah, take your time. :techman:
Thank you :-)

Small update - we have been able to fund a new laptop a few weeks sooner than I thought. So next week I get my new machine to set up and... I can get back into things properly :-)

More soon.
Hiya gang.

Know it's been a few months since my last post. No disasters happened, just needed time to properly recover from the Court Case. I kept telling people I was fine, but the truth is I wasn't. The advice I was given was to step back from things for a time and get my head sorted which I have done.

The Ranger-A project is on hold. I made a hash of the secondary hull and I need to think of a why round it (likely rebuild it). In the interim I am returning to the beginning and do some remedial work/quality of mesh work on the McCaffrey Class -



For a start, I'm updating the textures to have a panel line -


It will add some more depth the mesh as a whole, and help with close up renders.

  1. Add some missing detail.
  2. Update the texture maps.
  3. Build the shuttle bay.
  4. Rebuild the rooms behind the windows.
  5. Anything else I've missed!
More on this later, not long reopened the file and had to dump imagur as my image host in favour of ImgPile.
I love the raised platform...that might work even better on larger saucers--each time one is a bit wider---the bridge gets another step up.
I love the raised platform...that might work even better on larger saucers--each time one is a bit wider---the bridge gets another step up.

It's something other ships have by design, and I'm thinking that it may contain a mezzanine level with windows.

Nice little ship. :techman:

Thank you, but she's not that little ;-) See the start of this thread for more info about this class.

More soon :-)