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  • Finn

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  • Michael

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • Starscape

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Fan Art Challenge Winner
January's challenge had us entering a world of Secret Societies where only those that have been indocrinated have access to the all the arcane knowledge held within their organisations.

We have four entries showing us secretive organisations of the Star Trek Universe. But which one will you join, will you be keeping your eyes peeled for invaders, doing some creative programming, are you up for the adrenaline rush of some dangerous manoeuvering, or do you prefer some logical antics on Vulcan?

The choice and extravagant induction ceremony await you.

And to the winner goes the prize of choosing and hosting February's Art Challenge. Just remember mum's the word! ;)

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I chose @Starscape 's 'cause it made me laugh!

Annoyed because I had a good idea and didn't make it happen: The Qo'nos Tribble Fanciers Society. A group of Klingons who raise and show their tribbles, akin to dog breeders. I even imagined what it would look like; a silhouette of a Klingon holding a tribble in one outstretched hand, petting it with the other.
Ouch. No votes for me? :lol:

I better stick to photography and painting :lol:
We've all been there at some point, @Finn. It's just the wrong voters at the wrong time. ;)

Well done to all the entrants and thanks to everyone who voted.

But we have a winner and it's seems we'll be climbing into our Academy Training Craft to join the Starburst Society.
Congratulations @Michael! I'm sure we're all looking forward to your choice for February's Challenge. :bolian:
Wohoo, thanks for the win! Drawing the ring was a lot of fun, so it's nice that people seem to like it. :)

For the record, @Finn, I really like your Holographic Novel Guild logo and I'm glad you submitted it. I hope you'll be submitting again. :)

I will think about a new theme and try to post the new contest this afternoon (European time, that is).