"James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by JacksonArcher, Jan 11, 2011.

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    It would have been idiotic if he had, since QoS was a direct continuation of Casino Royale, and thus was about Bond coming to terms with losing Vesper. To saddle him with another woman just wouldn't be realistic (we'll categorize Strawberry Fields as a "relief bonk").

    What I'm hoping that the they carry on with the plan to complete the trilogy. One of the reasons people hated so QoS so much is they didn't realize it was part 2 of a trilogy. So hopefuly they'll be able to complete the storyline, explain who Quantum is, introduce the new Blofeld (you know it's coming) and put the final bits of the Bond puzzle in place - Q and Moneypenny.

    The only thing that tempers my enthusiasm is the assumption this will be made in 3-D. As I posted elsewhere, I do not enjoy 3-D movies and few places where I live bother showing the 2-D versions (I didn't even bother looking for a 2-D Tron Legacy). But I'm sure they'll still be making Blu-rays in 2013 so I'll enjoy Bond 23 then.

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    I'm not a fan of bringing Moneypenny and Q back into the picture, but if it can be done well and in connection to the larger whole, then go for it.

    Other than that - HUZZAH! I can't wait. :techman:
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    Except the for the fact that the story for Risico has essentially already been adapted, as it was incorporated pretty fully into the screenplay for For Your Eyes Only...
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    His contract is for 4 ? so hopefully one more after this in 2014 or 2015.
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    QoS is much better on a second viewing but it needed to explain the plot a little more and also ir didn't help that CR was the part of a interconnected trilogy of movies but from what I heard they changed stuff from the original plan when making QoS.
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    I'm hoping the next Bond movie has Bond on the hunt for the international bankers who killed the studio and almost killed the franchise.

    Nasty banker " Good day Mester Bond, i have been expecting you"
    (The villainous banker calls to his evil hencman)
    Nasty banker "Overdraft!!...see thats Mr bond has full use of our finincial service, oh and Mester Bond........You only....can withdarw a limited amount daily via a cash point......twice.....Maha..mahahaha!
    Anyway 2012 is going to be good for Movies, Bond and Trek in the same year...lovley stuff.
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    Isn't 2012 going to be the fiftieth anniversary of the film series? I'll bet they're going to play that up once the marketing machine gets rolling.

    I wonder if they're going to incorporate references to the other movies like Die Another Day did.
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    Probably because the whole point of the Bond reboot was to dial back on all the sillyness and present a more realistic take on the source material. This was definitely evident in Casino Royale but by the QoS we were presented with action and stunts that would make Die Another Day blush.
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    Cloaked cars, North Korean satelittes firing big ass laser weapons still win the stupid action/stunt awards for Die Another Day.
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    The action wasn't too silly.

    The problem was that I couldn't tell what the hell was going on during the action scenes. I blame the director for that.
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    agreed. i tend to view QoS more on the level of Licence to Kill. both were good, decent movies, they just didn't measure up to the movies that preceded them.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Ah, the Jason Bourne effect. :lol:
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    I said out, dammit!
    The working title is "A Quantum of Poopoo."

    Okay, no it isn't. :D
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    Starring Scott Bakula as Felix Leiter, in A Quantum Of Leap!

    Cameo appearance by Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield: Casino Royale (with cheese)!

    And of course Bond's failed career as an artist, in Tomorrow Never Dyes.
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    ^^^:lol:...Oh boy.

    And first time i read your post as ...
    Cameo appearance by Samuel L. Jackson as June whitfield: Casino Royale (with cheese)!:eek::lol:
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    I worry a little about the director and the how he will handle action scenes. QoS was just terrible in this area and I am hoping for much better in this area. It will be a long wait until 2012, of course maybe I will be able to afford my DBS by then.
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    ^ Most of the action scenes in Bond movies have handled by second unit directors anyway. People like Michael Apted (The World is Not Enough) had very little action experience before being hired to direct a 007 movie.
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    Or maybe Felix will commit self sacrifice to save Bond, thus excising him from future bond movies.

    I still wish they would leave the director's chair to Martin Campbell or find someone that they would be happy with to sign on for multiple movies so that there is some sense of directorial consistency.
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    "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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    Full of hot air.
    Pierce Brosnan?