I've bought the third and fourth seasons...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by toughlittleship, Apr 24, 2012.

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    ...should I get the other five? I've also always been a bigger DS9 fan, but I've always believed the best episodes were in the third and fourth seasons.
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    Its strange that you bought the 3rd and 4th seasons because they don't really go together. One of them being from the Kes era and another from the Seven era, and one being Voyager's best season (Season 4) and the other being its worst! (Season 3).

    You shoulda bought season 1, its nothing like TNG season 1 and in my opinion is one of Voyager's strongest seasons surprisingly with several standout episodes.
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    Just watch those two seasons and then decide, unless you are staring at a huge bargain and want to know if you should grab it while you can. Fourth season starts a whole character arc so is important if you plan to watch 5-7. There's no political backdrop you need to absorb in earlier seasons like with DS9 so coming in where you are is fine.
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    Enjoy. I am pleased I own all the treks. Except tas. I have been watching tng. Ds 9 next then voyager. I love trek. Shamelessly. :)