It's weird, I have only one complaint about ST (2009)...

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    I'd imagine it still would, just in a million pieces. It's possible that the debris from Vulcan traveled through time as well.

    But I think the point was that the red matter black holes were so magical and beyond what we actually know of as black holes, that they really only did what they needed to (stop "supernovas", travel in time, implode planets, attack enemy ships, etc.) They weren't given that much thought.
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    it rang true to me. And Nimoy's Spock wasn't some naive fool(look at "balance of terror" or "errand of mercy") he was a pragmatist. Negotiating with dovish Klingons is prgamatism.

    Making offers and deals with genocidal madmen is not pragmatism, it's stupid.
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    "I... have had... enough... of yoooooouuuu!"

    (Audience cheers!)
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    Yeah, and prime Kirk gave Kruge a chance. He offered to give him his hand. Kruge spat it back in his face.

    So Nu Kirk's actions, despite being in an alternate timeline with a different life, are consistent ;)